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8 games where you sit in front of the monitor


Among the indie projects there is a small layer of games where you play as a character who sits in one place, and the gameplay does not go beyond one room. These are games where you sit in front of the monitor or in front of the computer. We found 8 of these games. You may have already met some of them in our previous materials.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Are you one of those people who, like a mosquito flying into the light, love to stick their nose into the light of someone else's personal life? Then the voyeur simulator Do Not Feed The Monkeys is just for you. You play as a man who, at the suggestion of a friend, enters a primate watching club.


In fact, with the help of a secret network, you will observe people through the Monkey Vision application, which gives access to hidden cameras around the world, collect information about them and provide it for money to the creators of this network. However, there is a small rule - not to feed the monkeys, which means not to influence the lives of those you follow. However, it is very difficult to resist. For example, you accidentally stumble upon a camera inside a lost spaceship and you can call on TV and tell about it for money, and the next day the whole world trumpets about it.

With the money received, you can buy yourself food so as not to starve to death, as well as other things. Read more about the game in our review.

Telling Lies


We wrote about Telling Lies and Her Story separately in the top detective games and the list of the best indie games of 2019, so we will be brief. In Telling Lies, you play as a girl who uses a secret network to monitor the lives of other people. This is a slightly similar concept to Do Not Feed The Monkeys, but a different story and a common plot connecting the lives of all the people we follow. Our main character has some goals that we will learn about later. And if Do Not Feed The Monkeys has a plot based on our choices and random events, then Telling Lies is a more holistic detective story.

Her Story


Her Story is the first project from the creators of Telling Lies. We play as a man digging through the police records of the interrogation of a certain Hannah, whose husband has disappeared. According to the plot, we learn that she has a twin sister who secretly lived in her attic all her childhood. We are trying to figure out how the sisters' drama is connected with the disappearance of the husband of one of them.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Today, few people take this game seriously, since a huge number of unnecessary sequels came out for it, but the first three parts of Five Nights at Freddy's were quite fresh projects for their time, and the first part is almost the first game where we sit before monitor in one place.


Our hero gets a job as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. We sit in front of the monitors and watch the animatronics who entertain children during the day, and at night they go offline and try to attack the only person in the building - you. You have to follow them through monitors and use other tools to close the doors to your room in time so they don't kill you.


This game stands out a little from other topics, since here you are not playing for a person in front of a computer, but for the computer itself, or rather for the AI on a comic ship. Something terrible has happened at this station and the only surviving astronaut is using you to understand what happened and also to escape.


You have access to control over the entire station, its cameras, doors, as well as various systems. Initially, you are damaged, and according to the plot you are recovering, getting more and more opportunities. If you've ever wanted to feel like HAL 9000 from A Space Odyssey 2001, then this game is definitely for you.

Pony Island

In Pony Island, you spend your time not at the computer, but at the damn arcade machine that constantly breaks the fourth wall. We have to delve into the depths of the arcade software to understand what is happening, and also sometimes play the arcade itself, presented in the run & gun genre. As a little pony we fight enemies and go through obstacles.


At its core, an automaton is a purgatory invented by the devil, and only by delving into the program code of the game and applying non-standard thinking, you can get out of it and solve the riddle of Pony Island.

Not For Broadcast

This game is still in development and is being released in parts, as a project in Steam Early Access. Not For Broadcast is a real-time TV censor simulator. As the director of a TV show, we sit in front of the control panel and, depending on what the management dictates to us, we direct the broadcast. We can cut out unwanted scenes, squeal obscenities, and show everything in the way that is beneficial to our bosses, connected with the government.


The setting of the game is the 80s, where the country is increasingly moving towards totalitarianism and increasingly introducing censorship. In the first episode, the author of a book comes to our show, which exposes the government, and only in our hands - to censor everything and make her a liar or show the truth, but expect consequences. The game now has a free demo available.

Hypnospace Outlaw

90s internet simulator where you play a cyber police officer and search many unusual and wonderful websites to hunt down intruders, as well as monitor inbox messages, avoiding viruses, adware, and downloading many applications that can or may not be helpful.


You need to track malicious content, bullying, copyright infringement and, in principle, look for criminals. You can also equip your desktop however you see fit.

This game breathes the atmosphere of the golden age of the Internet, and those who have experienced it may have a tear rolling down their cheeks from the stream of nostalgia.

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Author: Jake Pinkman