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Review Do not Feed The Monkeys - while you read the article, you are being watched


Welcome to the primate watching club! From now on you are a member of our club and agree to spend day and night observing the life of primates, their behavior, habits, and also agree to provide us with full information about them. Everything you do is done for the good. Do not disclose information about the club to anyone, and remember the main rule - do not feed the monkeys!

If you're wondering what the hell it is, today I'm going to tell you about an excellent indie game - this is a review of Do not Feed The Monkeys.

Club Rules

In short, this is a kind of internet stalker simulator in which you have to sit in front of a computer and observe different people through cameras, collect and search for various information about them, and then waste it for money.

The plot of the story is that you join a club of primate watching lovers. Our task is to follow the so-called cells (in fact, for apartments, offices, streets) in the special Monkey Vision application, learn information from inscriptions, terrain, dialogues or phrases of people, and sell it to organizations.

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

The application is multifunctional. In it you not only buy new cells, but you can also unlock video recording and night vision. Also, every 5 days, a check takes place, and by each check, the number of cells that you buy should increase, and if you didn't have time, forgive me, you are excluded. So you have to work hard if you want to get to the top and find out what kind of organization it is ...

Collect the name of the main female in cell # 3

The game is very sarcastic and mocking in itself. The action takes place in a kind of parody of our world. But for me to point out, it is rich in details and makes you very much to get used to the role.

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

The gameplay consists of game days of 24 hours each, which we mostly spend in a one-room apartment in front of a computer. We write down our observations in a notebook and, then, a message comes to the mail: "Get the name of the main female in cage number 3 during the day and get $ 70".

We look through the camera, record information, then open the browser and search for at least something by keywords. Boom, good luck! A note on one site and new information! And what if I look for her on the site with "nude" photos (yes there is such a thing). In a fit of passion, you look at your watch ... Stop, I mean 10 pm?

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

It is important to remember that although we are a member of the "near Masonic" organization, we are also an ordinary person who needs to eat, pay rent, work and sleep. Our hero has an indicator of sleep, hunger and health. Constantly have to go to the store for food or order it. Also on the door we have announcements for a one-day job that needs to be done, because only primate studies alone will not survive.

The game always presents us with a choice. Break from observation and go to the store for normal and healthy food or order harmful fast food, but not go anywhere. Watching primates all day and uncovering all the secrets or go to work at night for $ 80 as a cleaner or for 40 dog walkers, and then come back and sleep for 4 hours?

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

Hello, this is a UFO club, can I help you?

Let's finally talk about the situations and people you are watching. I have not seen a more interesting sight among games for a long time. Situations are completely different and vary from normal to God-damned, what is happening !?

Here you are watching in the first cell behind the museum where the exhibition of the bust of the pharaoh is taking place, and in the second cell you have the leader of the ghetto rebels who are fighting for the area ... Hmm, what happened overnight in the third cell, where there was a field wheat? Bam, and there is a huge circle on the field left by aliens!

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

So, in the fourth cage with the good old Mr. Statler, who once looked after kittens .. Stop, why is he shouting Nazi slogans? Because, as it turns out, this is the local Hitler, who, imitating his suicide and migrated to another country!

And this is only a small part of the game. You really can't get away from all these situations, and it contributes not only to a great atmosphere, laughter and varied narrative, but also immersion. And if you highlight the main advantage of the game in the review on Do not Feed The Monkeys, then this is it.

Who can't be fed there?

Monkeys. Your pen-pal tells you about this, who brought you to the organization, but in fact, according to his own words, everyone is doing this. Indeed, the temptation is great, for example, they gave you the task to find out the name of the leader of the rebels in the ghetto - you found out, sent an answer, but at the same time found his emeil, but what if you write to him? As a result, you contact him, and can sponsor their movement, which will become stronger, which will be written in tomorrow's newspaper.

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

And so it is always. You can influence many characters and you will feel how you are changing their life, yours and throughout the country, which always leads to interesting consequences.

Full immersion or how I forgot I have my own life

The game is very atmospheric and you fully associate yourself with the hero. And first of all, this is also due to the fact that something is constantly happening in your apartment. That is, in the game, as in reality, there is a virtual and real world, which is why it sucks so much. This is what the gameplay of one day looks like.

You open a fresh newspaper where the local Trump has super ratings and you see a note that the owner of one company went bankrupt because someone (you) leaked a video on the Internet as his financial advisor at night disguises himself as a pop diva and sings in front of the mirror , and he went to a talent show and became famous by quitting his previous job. And so let's start, eat apples and go. You are surrounded by sounds that come from neighboring apartments. Ding (an e-mail was received stating that today yoghurt is on sale at a discount, we must not forget to buy) !.

Do not Feed The Monkeys Review

And now you are watching a photographer who is taking pictures of women from his attic. And in an attempt to find out his name, you find an erotic site where he uploads a photo. Knock Knock. As if at the wrong time - the landlady came for the rent, and now you have $ 10 left ... You look at the ads and find a vacancy for a new French fries tester for $ 60. Super, and I will earn and eat! You come back from work and stalker again. Tuk Tuk - the believers came to talk to you about God at 10 pm, just in time! You drive them away and remember about discount yogurt ...

And this is just one of the variations.


This is a game where you have to stalk. Do not Feed The Monkeys atmospheric - variable and interesting. It is perfect for those who love to explore and read. This is one of the most interesting indie projects this year. Feed the monkeys gentlemen, it's worth it, but don't get caught!

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Author: Jake Pinkman