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Top 10 Movies that Celebrate 20th Anniversary in 2018


1998 was the year of the Battle of the Titans. This was the year that two film industry heavyweights created films on the same subject. In 1998, the Elizabethan dramas "Elizabeth" and "Shakespeare in Love" were released, the latter received an "Oscar" in the "Best Picture" category Steven Spielberg and Terrence Malick, who returned to the stage, both offered the audience epic films about World War II war - "Save Private Ryan " and "The Thin Red Line ", and "Armageddon " by Michael Bay and the post-apocalyptic film "Clash with the Abyss " for two collected more than $ 1 billion.

Also in 1998, the first films of directors were released, which a little later will receive the widest recognition. Among them - Christopher Nolan "The Next", Darren Aranofsky "Pi", Denis Villeneuve "August 32 on Earth". And now, in 2018, these films are turning 20. Time flies, but they don't get old!

After Life

Film festival favorite Hirokazu Koreeda is currently recognized for his highly artistic films worthy of films about Yashijiro Ozu's family dramas, such as On Foot (2008) and Miracle (2011), which showcase the filmmaker's incredible simplicity and humanity. especially in his works of the 90s: "Light of Illusions" (1995) and "After Life", which came out 3 years later in 1998. "After Life" has many things in common with "Brazil" (1985) by Terry Gilliam and "In a Better World" (2016) by Michael Schur. The film of Koreeda takes place in heaven, where people who are trapped after death are asked to remember the best memory of their lives. Then the celestial film crew undertakes to make a film out of this memory, in which man will live forever,

This deeply philosophical film raises questions not only about memory processes, but also about the nature of cinematography and the boundaries of imagination. But the eternal humanity of Koreeda also shines through the down-to-earth aesthetics: the choice of actors (many of whom are not professionals at all) and the rare gift of ease of storytelling guarantee that the moments spent watching "After Life" will remain in your memory for a long time

The Big Lebowski

It may come as a surprise to you that the classic comedy of the Coen brothers, immediately after its release, could not boast of either high box office receipts or rave reviews from critics in 1998. But 20 years later, "The Big Lebowski" has become the epitome of cult in cinema, and the annual "Lebowski Fest", the festival of film fans, has attracted thousands of film fans since 2002, and the incredible number of memes that were given life by the dialogue of the film is simply inexhaustible.

Bowling fan, Jeff, aka "Dude" Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is mistaken for a millionaire with the same last name. This is where the development of farce action begins. Walter Sobchak (John Goodman), a Vietnam veteran, delivers a brilliant comedic performance throughout the film.

The appearance of German nihilists swinging baseball bats while Dude takes a bath, revealing the intrigue in which Dude got involved through the revelations of the daughter of a so-called millionaire - these are just some of the moments of the film that made it unforgettable for fans of comedy and quotes .

Central Station

"Central Station" by Walter Salles is the case when the almost documentary opening of the film at the central station in Rio leads to an unexpected ending. Neorealism combined with a drama in which a middle-aged woman, Dora (Fernanda Montenegro), writing letters at a train station for the poor, and Josue, a 9-year-old boy in danger of a homeless existence (Vinicios de Oliveira), walk along the roads of Brazil in search of his father Josue.

During their journey, which is much more like a religious pilgrimage, Dora, who seems to have forgotten about the fact that such emotions are rediscovering the ability to feel. Winner of the Berlin Film Festival and 2 Oscar nominations, Grand Central was the film that helped Brazilian cinema regain the audience's love and ensure the success of City of God (2002).

Iranian Divorce

Like many of Kim Longinotto's films and Iranian Divorce, the characters are women who show strength and inspiration in the face of adversity. The documentary chronicles the events in the Tehran court, where husbands and wives are trying to get a divorce. Strong feminine characters definitely destroy the Western stereotype of weak and fearful Iranian wives. Ziba, a 16 year old woman, is demanding a divorce because her 38 year old husband lied about his age. Jamile wants her hubby, who always shows his bad temper, to learn a lesson from going through a lawsuit.

It took Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini 2 years to make this film before they found a sponsor for their project. They also had to enlist the support of senior officials from the embassy in order to convince the representatives of the judiciary of their true motives for filming the film, and that they had nothing to do with investigative journalism.

Eternity and one day

While not the first film that comes to mind when we think of Theo Angelopoulos' films, it is definitely the director's most thought-provoking masterpiece. This is the third film in the so-called "border trilogy". A film that tells about the state and its absence, morality, youth and old age. Bruno Gantz, as an aging poet who was diagnosed with an incurable disease, saves an Albanian boy, and they become friends.

Together they travel to the Greco-Albanian border, because the boy wants to return home to his country. With the typical for Angelopoulos measured development of the plot and admiration for the beauty of the landscapes of nature, we immerse ourselves in an arthouse of the highest caliber.

In 1998, the Cannes Film Festival saw films such as "Triumph", "Idiots", "Velvet Goldmine" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", but "Eternity and a Day" deservedly received the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival .

Shanghai flowers

Is there a more mesmerizing opening scene than Hou Xiaoxian's distinctive, almost still camera, showing the setting in the flower house at the beginning of Shanghai Flowers? Each frame is perfectly adjusted, it is like a photograph. Slowly her movement and throughout the film. This movement seems to hypnotize that you can no longer take your eyes off the environment of the "house of flowers" or from the "flowers" themselves.

Earlier in China, this was the name of a kind of clubs where men came to rest after worries from the outside world. There is not a single explicit scene or nudity in the film. Girls - "flowers" are hidden under the rich decoration of shapeless outfits. The film presents several connections between the "flowers" and the rich clients of the "club". The spectrum of emotions begins with tenderness, turns into jealousy and ends with a scandal.

Hou Xiaoxian's sophisticated style is widely recognized in the movie "The Assassin" (2015). The director's early films are unfortunately not easy to find in the West, although Shanghai Flowers was named the third best film of the decade.

Out of sight

Films by Steven Soderbergh, director of The Hunger Games, Erin Brockovich, Ocean's 11 and others, are primarily distinguished by his masterful use of typical cinematographic genres and creates a fine line between them and the mainstream. "Out of Sight" is just such a movie. He tells the story of a boyfriend, Jack Foley (George Clooney, he plays a bank robber), who meets a girl (Federal Marshal Karen Sisko, Jennifer Lopez). It so happens that Karen becomes an unwitting witness to Jack's escape. Although they agree that Karen will not betray Jack, the girl continues to chase the robber, making it one of the most famous cat and mouse games ending with a seduction scene since Nicholas Rogue's Don't Look Now.

The intellectual, highly erotic film "Out of Sight" has survived 20 years much better than other crime dramas of the 90s. Since then, the director has returned to the topic of robbery several times, but this film offers the viewer something more: the romantic style of Soderbergh.

Rushmore Academy

A film that is still considered one of the best, if not the best, in Wes Anderson's career. This is his second job after Bottle Rocket. After them there will be such masterpieces as "The Kingdom of the Full Moon", "The Tennenbaum Family", "The Grand Budapest Hotel." The "Rushmore Academy" tells the story of a private school student Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) who excels in all extracurricular activities. but his academic performance is plummeting. The headmaster says he urgently needs to remedy the situation or he will be expelled. But it’s difficult for Max to focus his efforts on his studies, because he falls in love with the teacher Rosemary (Olivia Williams), and a friend, a married middle-class industrialist years old, Herman Blum (Bill Murray) acts as a rival.

Anderson's breakout movie is filled with eccentric characters and quirky designs. As a bonus to the film, we can consider the fact that it begins a new life for Bill Murray as an independent actor.

Thin red line

Nominated for 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Terrence Malick, The Thin Red Line may have been somewhat overshadowed by Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, which came out the same year ... But Malik's Thin Red Line remains an intriguing war film in its own way. It is based on the autobiographical book by James Jones, published in 1962. Scriptwriter and director Malik, in this film, uses the already well-known impressionist style in creating his paintings. This is despite the fact that the cast (Nick Nolte, Jim Caviezel and Sean Penn) approaches the interpretation of their roles at the level of super realism.

The result is a typical Malik movie. It is a meditative, visually sinuous treatise on the extremes of human behavior. But he is not alien to the study of the real horrors of war, which are shown with genuine brutality.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show by Peter Weir was released when the idea of showing people's privacy was gaining momentum. The main character, Jim Carrey as Truman, a man who turned out to be the star of the reality show throughout his life, 24 hours a day, but he is not aware of this. He lives in a studio, where he is surrounded by actors who play his wife, friends, neighbors, but gradually Truman begins to realize that everything around him is a lie, albeit a beautiful lie, directed by Ed Harris, who plays the godlike creator of this reality, Krishtof.

Jim Carrey draws parallels between Truman and his own life in the celebrity bubble. As for you and me, our boundaries are clearly defined by the media. Like Truman, our life is already written down and there is nothing else in it.

An old but unforgettable movie will delight you in 2018. Real masterpieces of world cinema live for decades. They are always new and can be revisited several times.

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