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Alien translator. Arrival Trailer

Image In recent years, the genre of adventure science fiction has been replenished with excellent films from eminent directors. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and Ridley Scott's The Martian do not offer the viewer vivid space battles, but instead they talk about timeless themes like love or mutual help, clothed with say-fay.

The new picture Denis VilleneuveArrival ”, the duplicate trailer of which was presented on the Web, will apparently work in the same field.

The fantasy drama is based on the award-winning short story " Your Life Story " by American writer Ted Chan. At the center of the story is the linguist Louise Banks ( Amy Adams ). After the arrival of strange alien spaceships on Earth, looking like seeds or black slices of citrus, the government turns to her for help. Her professionalism and theoretical knowledge should help the authorities establish contact with the aliens and find out their true goals. Having become familiar with the language of aliens, Louise begins to understand their vision of the world around them, their relationship to space and time, which directly affects her own life: doctors begin to visit mysterious visions.


Denis Villeneuve - nominated for the " Oscar " award for the best film in a foreign language ("Fire") and the director of the films "Prisoners" and "The Murderer" - is now working on a sequel to the cult Blade Runner tapes. Chan 's story was adapted by Eric Heisserer, and the cast of the project, in addition to Adams , includes two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, the winner of the main film award Forest Whitaker and Golden Globe nominee Michael Stulbarg.

Duplicate Trailer

The premiere of the film will take place at the Venice Film Festival in less than a month, while Arrival will be released in USA on December 8 .

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