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Rodnyansky launches a new film festival

Image The regiment of domestic film festivals has arrived - producer and director Alexander Rodnyansky announced the launch of a new film show with international status called Kinotavr. Special Edition. Its idea consists in the pre-premiere screening of foreign films on the eve of their USA release. Only exclusive films - participants and winners of various foreign film festivals will be selected for participation.

«A compact showcase of the main cinematic trends, an aperitif at the very beginning of a new film year, which, we have no doubt, will arouse the appetite of viewers who are ready to discover modern cinema that goes beyond their expectations and ideas about it. The laconic, hand-made program includes films by authors who have not lost the ability to amaze the world and themselves, ”said Stas Tyrkin, the compiler of the program and film critic, about the new project.

At the opening of Kinotavr. Special Edition On January 30, 2020, the USA premiere of the military-historical drama "1917" from the winner of the "Oscar" Sam Mendes ("American Beauty") will take place. Among the participants of the show are such films as "Truth" by Hirokazu Koreeda, "The Hidden Life" by Terrence Malik, "On Infinity" by Roy Andersson, "Tlamess" by Ala Eddin Slim, "You Will Die at 20" by Amjad Abu Alala and "House 7 in Cherry Lane »Yunfan. At the festival, which will last four days, meetings with filmmakers are also scheduled.

Source: IA InterMedia

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