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Top 20 Best TV Series July 2020: Premieres


If there are few serials coming out next month, expect a huge influx of new products. And July was no exception in this regard. Here's a schedule for the best TV series for July 2020, which will include everything from dramas and melodramas to documentaries.

And let's start with a documentary in the style of REN TV, which this time was promoted by the streaming service "Netflix" ...

1. Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix)

Wednesday July 1st

This year, the most successful video streamer of our time decided to relaunch the project of the same name, which was extremely popular and came out in the United States from 1987 to 2010. In total, I remember, there were 15 seasons, each of which consisted of an average of 30 episodes. The showrunners of the project resisted to the last, until they finally ran out of ideas and they simply began to sculpt repetitions, only in a slightly different package.

Netflix decided that there were still plenty of original ideas and all kinds of cases and decided to restart.

From the documentaries released on REN TV in the style: "aliens, ghosts and other mystical evil are to blame for everything", they will be distinguished by only one thing. Showrunners will not try to impose their point of view on viewers. According to them, they will simply tell in the documentary and artistic style about the mysterious cases that happened there and there with such and such people. And we will make the verdict ourselves.

Although, of course, they will not fail to give out their portion of versions. And they'll give you a hint about which one to focus on.

2. Knock on my door (FOX)

Wednesday July 1st

Turks, seriously squeezing Koreans into serial soap operas, have even leaked to FOX. It is there that the premiere of the next high-profile series in July, a long-running Turkish melodrama, will take place all about the same, only from a slightly different angle.

This time, fate will bring Edu, struggling to get a higher education, and Serkan the moneybag. Any study in our times costs money. And the salary of some florist is not particularly useful in educational terms, or in any other. And then an offer arrives from outside, for certain benefits, to be the wife of that very Serkan for three months.

Well, why not? It's not like unloading wagons. But Eda absolutely doesn't like Serkan. Likewise, Serkan needs a fictitious marriage only in order to achieve his own selfish goals. But, as is usually the case with soap operas, they will be fine.

But this is at the end of the final series, of course. In the meantime, we will give you some nerves.

3. Say Yes (Netflix)

Wednesday July 1st

Following other channels and countries, Netflix also decided to get hold of its own show in the "Bachelor" style.

Newlywed couples compete to get a "grant" to host the wedding of their dreams. What kind of competition will showrunners of the project arrange for them?

Check it out soon.

4. Guardian (ABC)

Wednesday July 1st

Few of the fans of adventure fantasy are not aware of Sir Terry Pratchett's "Discworld". Those who have not read this cycle of his works have lost a lot.


The cycle has a bunch of its "sub-cycles" and describes the life of one of the parallel worlds, where cosmic material bodies, according to the laws of physics, are not formed into giant spherical objects such as suns or planets. Although, the sun looks quite ordinary here. But with the planets, things are very interesting.

Heaps of giant elephants initially fly in zero gravity. Less often (about one in four) even more giant turtles come across. At some point, the elephants gather in a quartet company, which, having found a turtle, becomes its shell, and this whole company soars through space hoping for a miracle. And so it happens. They come across a giant, according to the books - 10,000 miles (approximately 16,000 km) in diameter and 30 miles wide (thinner at the edges) disk, which they put on their backs, after which the sun appears on the disk out of nowhere , life and all that.

Nonsense, of course, but it was very interesting to read. The books are designed in a comedy-parody style, there are enough adventures, and therefore we are really looking forward to the start of this project. If only the creators did not run out of gas in the very first season.

The "Discworld" is home to a host of different races and varieties of intelligent creatures, ranging from humans and ending with the same gnomes, tolls, and so on. The disk contains a huge number of cities. One of them, the most "central" and great - Ankh-Morpork, where the events of the series will unfold.

Sorry for the elephants with the turtle. Always hungry. And motionless. What if one of them moves their horses? And then the "Discworld" flew to hell, so what?

"Hey, why did you get Armageddon?"

"The elephant died of hunger."

“Hmm. Your civilization is unlucky.

5. Warrior Nun (Netflix)

Thursday July 2nd

The "Earths" of parallel worlds are so arranged that the world on them is very fragile, and some hidden dangers are constantly threatening humanity living within them. From them, this most ignorant humanity is protected by the same hidden, like the old dangers, orders, legions, sects, etc.

This universe is no exception. It looks like everything on it is the same as in our world. With one exception. Young girls endowed with Superman abilities do not wake up in the morgues of our mother Earth. Immediately one such named Ava (not to be confused with the tree from "Avatar"!) Will appear. And then she will be dragged into the abyss of intrigue.

And, as usual, it turns out that if not for her ...

6. Babysitting Club (Netflix)

Friday July 3rd

A fan of reviving long-decayed Netflix corpses has dug up one of these again outside the fence. It turned out to be a project of the same name in 1990, in which teenage girls organized something like a summer camp for toddlers.

Well, or tried to organize for 13 episodes of a single season.

Netflix decided to shake up the project well, factor it down and, bringing it to the modern denominator, add variables such as problems with gender and racism, dilute everything with divorce issues and pour all this "pussy-misya" on the mortal heads of its users.

We hope that the resulting brains will not corrode anyone with their distinctly pretentious "tolerance".

7. The Curse: The Beginning (Netflix)

Friday July 3rd

I remember that in 2002 there was an excellent and very scary Japanese horror movie "The Curse", which turned out to be an absolute hit and inherited at the box office so that it even earned a mention in another parody banter "Scary Movie 4".

After that, the following numerous "Curses" climbed out of the Japanese and other filmmakers like mushrooms in the summer after rain. The sequels even included The Curse: The Beginning of the End. But "Curse: Beginning" without "end" has not yet existed.

"Marketers" from Netflix quickly realized this, and now it appeared in a matter of months. Only under their netflik flag.

In this series of July, they want to bring to our attention how all the porridge in this damned house was brewed and how the curse itself was “cooked up”. Well, they will once again remind us that if some evil spirits have started up in your house, there is nothing to run to all lovers and experts of esotericism.

We need to clean up ourselves! But be careful with curses!

8. Sloborn (ZDF)

5 July, Sunday

The next July TV series will delight us with anotherend of the world. True, from the trailer it is not clear whether the epidemic will go further than Sleborn Island, or not. At least, it is clear that the Bundestag decided to send the Bundeswehr to the epicenter of events, which means that the batch will turn out to be serious.

Apparently, it all started according to a sluggish scenario. Somewhere, someone muddied something with something, after which a couple of corpses were fished out of the water, apparently of a painful type. And from that moment everything started on a well-worn track. Pallor, doctors, isolation wards, special protection and hemoptysis are all present.

But we are promised against the backdrop of all this and intriguing intriguing detective-dramatic plot. We will wait for the Germans to stir up again there.

And judging by the same "Darkness", they can.

9. Make nails out of these people (SBC)

Wednesday July 8

The new reality show on SBC promises to be hot, interesting and entertaining. Although, to be honest, there is nothing primordially new in it.

In fact, this is another project from the category "Are you weak?", only in a higher-budget package. A bunch of guys from different states will gather to show what they are good at.

Check out the first episode for sure. Next - how it goes.

10. Close Enough (TBS)

Thursday July 9

Next in line in our list of July TV shows is a comedy cartoon for an adult contingent of viewers, which will tell about the hardships and hardships of growing up a young married couple.

Against the background of this very growing up, a lot of things will happen, and not only with the married couple themselves, but also with their relatives and friends.

I wonder if the spouses will be able to grow up when such confusion and degradation is going on around? If yes, then this cartoon should also be attributed to the genre of "fantasy".

Well, or "fantasy", at worst.

11. Waiting for Amy (HBO Max)

Thursday July 9

The next 3-part project will be dedicated entirely to Amy Schumer.


For those who do not know, we will explain. Amy Schumer is the most successful female stand-up comedian in the United States. One of the ten highest paid humorists in North America. To a wide audience in our country, she should be familiar from the role of the untethered Rene Bennett in the film "Pretty Woman for the Whole Head" (2018). But how did she manage to reach such heights?

We will be told about this in the mini-series.

12. Voice (ApleTV +)

Friday July 10

The series is somewhat vaguely similar to the movie Coyote Ugly (2000).

Although, there the girl was not really looking for "her own sound." She was just afraid to sing in public. Here, with the second, everything is more or less. But with the first - a snag. The girl seems to have a musical ear, and God did not hurt her voice. But in what manner does she perform songs? This remains to be resolved.

But searching alone will not be enough. A singer's career is not a bad dream, but at the initial stage, you can die of hunger. We'll have to get out.

13. Valley of Seduction (Starz)

12 July, Sunday

The next series in July is staged in the best traditions of the Showgirls movie and the Flesh and Bones project, by the way, also directed by Starz.

The same sentimental drama as in the second case, plus uncompromising rivalry as in the first. Should be exciting.

14. Brave New World (USA Network)

Wednesday July 15

A project moved a month later and which we talked about in the last issue ofthe best TV shows of June.

The series is a modernized adaptation of the novel of the same name by Aldous Huxley, written by him back in 1932. The main character lives in a dystopian world of the future. Here there is a caste of burners, and there is a caste of those who serve them. Moreover, the division into castes is made not based on how much money mom and dad left the child or on how much he managed to achieve everything himself, making his way up the student and career ladders. People are divided into "burners" and "workers" based on their genome and predisposition to work or laziness at birth.

The main character, as usual, is "out of this world." His struggle with the "system" suggests itself. But will he be able to change something for the better in this already established, ossified and hypertrophied world? We will root for him.

15. Angelina (Peacock)

Thursday 16 July

Finally, everyone who wondered why Emmy Rossum, the performer of the role of Fiona in the project "Shameless", left the aforementioned series?

It turns out because of this. In the new series, she plays an empty-headed blonde who came from distant Poland to the United States for the sake of the longed-for "American Dream". Moreover, her dream is quite peculiar. And she herself is not as dumb as she is trying to show.

Finally, everyone who wondered if it was possible before, if desired, without any YouTube, to become widely popular in one day, will receive a full answer. As much as possible. Especially if you are an Angelina doll.

Well, or Emmy Rossum with a big bust, at worst ...

16. H or B (HBO Spain)

Wednesday July 22

Almost nothing is known about the project, except that this is a story about two school friends "do not spill water" who, years later, met in one of the Madrid bars and set off "to places of military glory."

It will probably be funny. But the trailer, somehow, did not go too far.

17. Flower of Evil (TVN)

Wednesday July 22

Metal master Baek Hi-song lives happily ever after, because his family is all right, and his finances are excellent. One snag - he has a problem with feelings.

No, his smelling, taste and other sensitive receptors are in order. It's about the emotional component. He does not feel sadness and joy, he does not know the feeling of disappointment, as well as hope. He doesn't know how to experience happiness. Pity, fear, and so on are also not for him. Being a completely unemotional person, he floats on the waves of society, focusing on the codes of this very society, and not on his feelings and emotions that they cause in it.

What are the roots of his emotionlessness, his wife, a detective from the Violent Crimes Department, Cha Ji-won, will try to figure out. The investigation will be intriguing and unexpected.

Everything is as it should be in any drama.

18. Tiga Lost and Found (HBO Max)

Thursday July 23rd

The town of Vi-G-City is notable for the fact that its inhabitants are all completely “Masha-Confused”. Some, at times, manage to lose something that they have never lost in their life.

It is to such "Masha-confused" that an eight-year-old boy named Tig and his cat named Gvisik, who cuts in various devices more abruptly than a real engineer, comes to the rescue. And one can only envy her resourcefulness.

Hence the question. And who is the breeder in their duet, and who is the pet? In theory, the breeder should be smarter. But here, apparently, an exception to the rule.

19. Muppets Today (Disney +)

Friday July 31st

The Muppet doll toy show began back in the 70s and since then has been relaunched with varying success with enviable regularity. Also, a lot of feature films have been shot about Kermit the frog and his company.

And now, 4 years after the last try, the series returns, only this time on the streaming channel Disney +.

Fans of entertainment in the style of Piggy and Stepashka, burdened with adult brains and talking on adult topics, please watch.

20. Damned (Netflix)

Friday July 31st

A very peculiar story about the times of King Arthur, or, to be more precise, about the times of the youth of a boy named Arthur, the one who is not yet certain that he will become king.

Why? Because the sword Excalibur will not necessarily choose it. The trailer, for example, shows that at the time of the next "mass mourning" it happened just at the time of a girl named Nimu, who suspiciously resembles the mistress of Lake Nimue by her name.

In general, we urgently need to look for Merlin. He will judge what's what. At least in all dimensions and alternate versions, he remained invariably a wise magician.


This top 20 best TV series of July 2020 can be concluded. Next week we are planning to collect for fans of Japanese manga a collection dedicated to the best anime starting in the middle of this summer. There will also be plenty of them. Until then, let's say goodbye. All the best to you, opening cinemas as soon as possible and more cool movies and TV shows.

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