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Tor-M2U - a new generation anti-aircraft missile system


Continuing the traditions of the USSR, which retained its status as one of the world leaders in air defense systems, became the modern Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile system - one of the latest modifications of the Tor air defense system, which began in the 70s .

History of the development of "Torah"

The beginning of the creation of a tactical Soviet air defense system dates back to 1975. 11 years later, "Thor" was officially taken into service with the army. Initially, the task of the designers was to develop an air defense system capable of ensuring the safety of military and civilian facilities from air threats. "Thor" has shown its effectiveness against various modifications of missiles, drones, bombs, aircraft.

The next upgrade was the Tor-M1 complex, which the USA army received in the early 90s. Unlike its predecessor, the new version of the air defense system was distinguished by an improved on-board computer, greater resistance to external interference and a reduction in the number of the main crew to three people.


At the same time, engineers were working on a more effective Tor-2M system, capable of even better reflecting massive attacks simultaneously with radar countermeasures. Finally, the Tor-M2U air defense system joined the ranks of the army in 2012. Due to its specificity, М2У has no analogues in the world.

Modern air defense weapons

Tor-M2U, created, like its predecessors for the security of military and industrial facilities from air threats, has shown its effectiveness in countering the most high-precision modern weapons, cruise missiles, modern military aviation.

The Tor-M2U multitask missile system is capable of detecting more than 40 targets at once, recognizing the most dangerous and simultaneously firing at four of them. The complex is effective for massive air attacks. The specifics of the design allows the M2U to withstand highly maneuverable and small targets. The complex is used as a component of the general air defense system, but it can also perform combat missions in an autonomous mode.


Target guidance system

The Target Detection Station (SOC), which is equipped with the Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile system, is able to distinguish between "own" and "alien" objects, fully works at the moment of movement. The station has the ability to withstand external interference, fixes more than four dozen targets within a radius of 32,000 meters. By independently distributing objects according to the degree of danger, SOC displays the most dangerous ones on the monitor, thereby making up the correct sequence of air targets for a possible attack.

The radar of the complex is capable of simultaneously tracking four targets, the presence of a lattice antenna serves as a barrier to electronic noise. For a high level of noise, the complex provides additional optoelectronics. The radar is equipped with a navigation device and a communication system.


Eight solid-propellant missiles of the Tor-M2U air defense missile system are located in two blocks. After the vertical launch, the rocket route is formed in a certain direction and with the necessary deviation, which is introduced in advance into its autopilot.

After launch, the 9M331 rocket is capable of accelerating to 700-800 m / s. The rocket device has wings that unfold immediately after its launch. Also 9M331 is equipped with an active fuse, which makes it possible to self-destruct it on command from outside or in automatic mode.

Tor-M2U took part in the capital's Victory parade, and since 2017, separate air defense units have been engaged in its development. In the future, the complex should become a replacement for the Osa air defense system. In 2018 Tor-M2U began to be mass-produced for export deliveries.

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