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Modern USAn missile ”Sarmat” - to catch up and overtake competitors


The modern Sarmat missile is positioned as having no equal on a global scale. The Sarmat missile launcher is the latest development of USA weapons.

This is a fifth generation stationary mine-based complex. Initially, the Sarmat missiles were created as future replacements of the existing Voevoda ICBM. At the same time, the new missile design is not a technical repetition and modernization of the previous version, but is a completely new device that has the advantage of being compact and lightweight.

Replacing "Voevode"

One of the most powerful ballistic missiles in the world, weighing more than 200 tons, flies a rather short active flight distance, which in the long term complicates the process of intercepting it by anti-missile defense systems. The Sarmat can carry a warhead of various power categories, including hypersonic units with the ability to "drive" anti-missile defense installations by the nose.

Despite the fact that the new development is inferior in weight to the existing Voevoda missile, its combat characteristics turned out to be higher. The parameters of the "Sarmat" exceed those of all previously used ballistic missiles, including the most important basic characteristic - the power-to-weight ratio, defined as the ratio of weight to the power indicators that set it in motion.

History of creation


The beginning of the Sarmat project started in 2009. Based on the results of test launches, the rocket demonstrated that it can fly a distance of 11,000 kilometers with a combat compartment weighing more than 4 tons. After 5 years, all measures to create a new powerful missile system began to take place according to a planned schedule, which became a prerequisite for its further appearance among the permanent armament of the USA troops. Specialized missile experts assess the Sarmat as a missile that does not have limited action in the framework of combat use. At the same time, it is able to achieve a given goal in directions lying on both earthly poles.

Technical advantages

The Sarmat missile was twice as light as the Voevoda. This is its significant advantage, since light rockets require smaller mines and easy transportation. Although most of them run on solid fuels, which also benefits them: increased shelf life, no highly toxic components, less expensive maintenance. The only drawback: the energy saturation of solid fuel is less than that of a liquid analogue. Sarmat uses liquid fuel, which, according to a number of experts, allows it to bypass all global competitors.


"Sarmat" is unique not only for its excellent energy and mass parameters. The missile has 10 warheads in its device, each of which is a powerful combination of two types: a cruise missile and a hypersonic missile. This gives Sarmat additional protection against possible interception.

However, all the advantages of the new missile development and its technology for individual control of warheads may be unclaimed if the missile is destroyed before it enters the main combat course. And in this case, “Sarmat” has its own “trump cards up its sleeve”. The rocket can change the standard flight path in the form of a parabolic arc using additional thrusters that change altitude, speed and direction. The rocket's central computer can program possible course deviations, and then determine and direct it for the next exit to a given target.

Currently, among the main tasks of the USA strategic forces is the process of planned deployment of the new Sarmat missile launcher. At the same time, the military program for the gradual introduction of the new system occurs synchronously with the withdrawal of the previous Voevoda complex.

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Author: Jake Pinkman