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The Buk-M2 missile system is a serious vehicle for defense against air attacks


Domestic air defense systems with a radius of action at short and medium distances still remain among the modern highly effective tactical air defense systems. Among them is the modern missile system "Buk-M2", which surpasses foreign analogues in terms of technical criteria, as well as in the price / quality ratio.

The Buk family has secured its position as the main means of Soviet and USA air defense since the late 70s. The very first complex entered service in 1978, and to date, several operating modifications of the air defense system have already been developed, including models for export (for example, the Buk-M2E complex). Buk-M2 is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, the complex can withstand high temperatures up to + 50 ° С, strong winds, dust storms. The software component allows the air defense missile system to actively resist interference and function effectively with noise suppression.

Belonged to the third generation systems, the Buk-M2 air defense system is distinguished by good mobility, the ability to accurately perform tasks in adverse conditions, including active resistance via radio channels from the enemy. In addition to air targets, the coverage area of the air defense missile system includes various categories of missiles: anti-radar, ballistic, cruise missiles, as well as combat aircraft, ground and surface targets.

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When developing the M2 modification, the designers planned to improve the effectiveness of the complex in hitting targets in range and height. To this end, Buk-M2 received new 9M317 series guided missiles. The design of the rocket differed in smaller dimensions, a more thorough study of the body, a new engine and a starting weight of about 700 kg. Thanks to this, it was possible to maximize the firing distance to 45 kilometers, and the flight altitude to 25 kilometers. To expand the combat functionality in 9M317, a mode is provided in which the remote fuse is turned off with the activation of the contact when it hits the target. This technology is used to attack ground and surface targets.

The self-propelled missile launcher of the complex repeats the architecture of the previous Buk family vehicles, but its design includes modern basic elements and equipment. A tracked chassis-based SOU performs standard tasks of finding and tracking an object, launching a rocket and tracking its trajectory with the necessary course corrections. SOU "Buk-M2" is supplemented with a radar and illumination with a phased antenna array. The system can track up to 10 targets and attack four of them simultaneously. To work in conditions of increased complexity, the SAC is equipped with an optical system with day and night channels.

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Thanks to the use of modern systems, the Buk-M2 anti-aircraft missile system has received improved characteristics in contrast to its predecessors. Among the declared features of the complex is its ability to intercept targets at a distance of 50,000 meters at an altitude of up to 25,000 meters. The system is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles within a radius of 20,000 meters at an altitude of up to 16,000 meters.

All work on the creation of the complex was completed in the late 80s, but the further collapse of the Soviet Union and the ensuing economic problems of the early 90s postponed the launch of mass production. Only in the 2000s, the SAM project was finalized taking into account modern elements and technologies. Beginning in 2008, the Buk-M2 missile system entered military service and began to be sold to other countries. Its export modification M2E can operate without loss of the declared characteristics in various temperature conditions. All types of land, air and water transport are suitable for the supply of all machines and systems of the complex.

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