Insider # 8.12: Surface Duo smartphone; Samsung Galaxy Gear S; realme smart watch; protected device from Samsung (Topic)

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Insider # 8.12: Surface Duo smartphone; Samsung Galaxy Gear S; realme smart watch; protected device from Samsung


In this Insider Spotlight, two pieces of information will focus on Samsung products. We will also talk about the features of the technical equipment of the Microsoft smartphone and the development of a new smart watch by realme.

Microsoft will equip its new device with a multispectral camera

Next year, two interesting devices from Microsoft are expected to be released: the Surface Duo smartphone and the Surface Neo tablet. Both will have dual screens.

Their prototypes were shown in October. At the presentation, representatives of the developer said that the models will receive new high-end cameras.

No other information was provided on this, but recently it became known that Microsoft was filing a patent application. It describes a technology that allows the use of a multispectral camera for object recognition. And using depth.

The use of this technology will allow the camera system to recognize two-dimensional (eyes, nose) and three-dimensional (forehead, chin) objects on a person's face. Special neural networks are able to analyze the image, while determining the color of the eyes and some distinguishing features. For example, warts or freckles.

An illustration was attached to this document to show how it works.


The peculiarity of multispectral imaging is that it reveals data that the human eye cannot detect. Previously, this technology was used by the military to determine the trajectory and intercept missiles, search for mines, etc.

It is known that the developers do not plan to make Surface Duo and Surface Neo bendable. The new Microsoft smartphone will be somewhat similar to the ZTE Axon M, which has two screens with a visible separation. The main task of the new items will be to increase productivity and increase the efficiency of using the usable display area.

Surface Duo will be the first Android smartphone from the American company. It is known that the company has developed and patented several technologies that have found active use in gadgets from other manufacturers. It is possible that the above development will soon be used by someone with the permission of its creators.

Samsung thinks about the revival of the line of smart watches

Five years ago, Samsung introduced the Gear S smartwatch to the market. The product was popular with customers, allowing the company to gain a foothold in the corresponding niche in the market.

Recently it became known about the intention of the manufacturer from South Korea to revive the production of this product. Information about his certification came from Thailand.

The line has not been updated since 2016, but according to the authoritative insider Sudhanshu Ambhore, the SM-R750 / B model registered at the NBTC in Thailand is nothing more than a Gear S 2019 gadget.


No details on the technical equipment of the product were provided. However, if the fact of certification has taken place, then we should expect an early release of the new product.

Certification data for a secure smartphone from Samsung has appeared on the network

Over the past several years, Samsung has regularly updated its line of devices with sturdy and waterproof cases. Recently it became known about the certification of another such device from the Xcover series by the Wi-Fi Aliance.

The regulator's database contains information about two modifications of the device: SM-G715FN and SM-G715D. One of them is for the European market and the other for the international market. Both models are equipped with a dual-band Wi-Fi module and run on Android 10.


Also, there was information about the passing of the SM-G715FN model testing in the Geekbench benchmark.


After reviewing them, it becomes clear that the device is built on the platform of the eight-core Exynos 9611 chipset, clocked at 1.74 GHz. It is also known about the presence of 4 GB of RAM. Insiders believe that this is talking about the Galaxy Xcover Pro smartphone, equipped with IP68 and MIL-STD-810G protection.

It has not yet been announced when the devices will start selling and at what price.

Realme smartwatches will start selling next year

At one of the special events, realme presented the X2 smartphone and Buds Air wireless headphones.


In addition, the representatives of this manufacturer devoted a lot of time to the story of the enterprise device ecosystem. The audience was reasonably explained that the ecosystem will be complete only if the developer succeeds in creating a combination of "smartphone - software - wearable accessories".


For clarity and a more complete presentation of your thoughts, several screenshots were shown on the topic. It became clear to everyone that the company plans to create a line of wearable devices, possibly watches.

These thoughts confirm the data obtained by insiders. Some of them claim that next year realme will announce a smartwatch or fitness tracker of its own design.

Also, the emergence of its own contactless payment system is not excluded.

The Topic of Article: Insider # 8.12: Surface Duo smartphone; Samsung Galaxy Gear S; realme smart watch; protected device from Samsung.
Author: Jake Pinkman