Inside # 10.11: Galaxy A71; new Samsung patent; smart TV HUAWEI; Surface Earbuds from Microsoft (Topic)

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Inside # 10.11: Galaxy A71; new Samsung patent; smart TV HUAWEI; Surface Earbuds from Microsoft


This week's final insider roundup will feature insights from Samsung, HUAWEI and Microsoft. First, let's discuss two news about Samsung products. Then we will talk about the imminent start of sales of the HUAWEI smart TV outside of the Middle Kingdom. At the end of this review, we'll find out why Microsoft changed the launch date for Surface Earbuds.

An insider disclosed data on a new Samsung smartphone before the announcement

An Onleaks Insider is known for its accurate information and predictions. He recently posted images and some technical specifications of the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone online.


All the hardware of the device is run by a Snapdragon 675 processor with an Adreno 612 graphics chip. In addition, there is 8GB of RAM and a 4500mAh battery.

The gadget is equipped with a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400x1080 pixels. At the bottom of it there is a USB Type-C and a 3.5 mm audio jack. There is a place for the SIM-card tray on the left side of the smartphone, and the power button and volume rocker are located on the right.

The gadget has the following geometric parameters: 163.5 x 76 x 7.9 mm. The last number takes into account the dimensions of the main camera. It is worth talking about it separately, because the shape of its module is one of the "chips" of the product.

Samsung Galaxy A71 received a quad camera, the sensors of which are integrated in the shape of the letter L into a rectangular block. It is known that their resolution is 48 + 12 + 12 Mp. The fourth lens is a ToF-module, it is needed to determine the depth.

How much the smartphone will cost and the start date of its sales are not yet known.

Korean company has received a patent for another way to place the front camera

Samsung's design team continues to explore new ways to place the selfie camera. Previously, a form factor has already been presented with protruding sensors and sensors, as well as embedded in the display.

Recently, the company has patented another method for installing a front lens. Information about him was provided by the well-known insider Mukul Sharma. He published a sketch reflecting the essence of the project. The new concept is to place the camera in the upper left corner of the bezel that has been cut off.


After studying the scheme, a number of experts expressed their opinions on this matter. They believe that this method of installation allows a number of auxiliary sensors (lighting, proximity, depth, etc.) to be placed next to the lens.

It is not yet clear whether the Korean company will implement this patent. Earlier, there have already been several facts when new ideas remained only in the patent office and on paper.

HUAWEI will soon start selling its smart TV outside of China

HUAWEI has certified its new smart TV with serial number OSCA-550Y in the Wi-Fi Alliance. Before that, it was announced in the Middle Kingdom.


Based on this fact and the data of the serial number, it can be assumed that in the near future the company will start selling its device outside the PRC, in Europe. Its size range will be limited to 55-inch devices for now.

Probably later, models with large screens - 65 and 75 inches will appear on sale. It is noteworthy that all of them will be equipped with a proprietary operating system - HarmonyOS. They will also receive a matrix, the feature of which is to work on quantum dots with 100% NTSC color gamut and 120 Hz refresh rate.

How much smart TVs from the Chinese manufacturer will cost in Europe is not yet known. The date of the start of sales is also not reported. In China, the 65-inch model retails for $ 1,120.

Microsoft decided to postpone the start of sales of Surface Earbuds

In October, the American tech giant introduced Microsoft Surface Earbuds wireless TWS headphones, after which they were supposed to start selling.

However, recently it became known that this year the gadget will not start selling. This information was posted on his Twitter account by one of the leaders of the developer company. According to him, the Surface Earbuds retail chain will not arrive until next spring. Issues related to production delays and software tweaks are cited as reasons for this.

These headphones have a number of advantageous differences. They received modern Omnisonic speakers, greater autonomy and the ability to touch control.

The main "feature" of the gadget is the integration with the Office 365 software package. This allows you to use them for dictation and performing the functions of a translator. Before that, none of these devices was equipped with such functionality.

It is known that Microsoft Surface Earbuds will start selling in gray and white cases, priced at $ 250. The exact date of the start of sales has not been announced.

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