Details Wolfenstein Youngblood, the combat system in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Gears of War movie won't be canon - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Details Wolfenstein Youngblood, the combat system in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Gears of War movie won't be canon - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


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"Longest Storyline in the Series" - Wolfenstein Youngblood Details

VG24 / 7 spoke with York Gustafsson from MachineGames. He said a lot of interesting things about the project. Youngblood will be richer in gameplay than past games, but its price tag is much lower than previous projects. For example, the same Deluxe edition, for which you will receive a second free copy of the game for a friend upon purchase, costs only $ 40, when the previous games cost $ 60.

According to Gustafsson, this price tag was made possible by the use of many off-the-shelf technologies from Wolfenstein: The New Colossus 2.

She will also have the longest campaign for the entire series at 25-30 hours. This length of narration is due to open locations and non-linear storytelling. In turn, the plot of past games averaged about 11 hours, and 15 with additions.


Alas, we will not see Hitler in fur armor. In one of the cutscenes, we were clearly given to understand that the Fuhrer was killed by BJ, but this happened behind the scenes. This was done because of the lore, which is outside the scope of the game.

“We explain some of the things that have happened during this time [the events unfold 19 years after the end of the last game - WorldOfTopics], but we are still sticking to the main plot. I know it may seem strange or not canon, but we mentioned in the game that the heroines' father killed Hitler, even though it was still in Wolfenstein 3D. ”

However, a company spokesman does not deny that the Fuehrer may return in the next games.

The game will be released on July 26 on all current platforms.

One Hit Death - Combat in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Game Informer dedicated this month to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so it continues to release exclusive content. In a recent video, combat designer Jason De Hars talked about sword fighting.

According to him, the developers want the player to feel the power of their weapons, so most enemies will die with one hit. For this reason, a number of more dangerous enemies have been invented. But they won't withstand more than a couple of blows.

In order for players to feel like they have a real lightsaber in their hands, and not a laser club, they introduced a block scale. Thanks to her, the enemy will reflect your blows until she dries up and he dies with one or two direct hits.


The designer also announced that the game will have a large set of hits. So, our main player knows how to dodge with jumps and somersaults, parry attacks, and a successful counterattack can defeat even a strong opponent.

The Force is also at our disposal. We can push, pull, slow down the enemy. But even here you need to think with your head. If a small attack aircraft is easy to pull in, then a fast enemy can dodge, jump up to you and strike.

Previously, power was restored automatically. Then it dawned on the developers that the players were spamming her mindlessly because they knew she would recover. In the release version of the game, this was removed, now the Force is restored through aggressive play and kills.

Gears of War's plot won't affect the game's canon

IGN spoke with Rod Fergusson, head of The Coaltion, which is making the Gears of War film.


According to him, for a picture to be good, first of all, it should be just a good film, and only then a film based on Gears of War. For this, a moment was agreed with the filmmakers that the events of the film will unfold in an alternative reality and they will not be the canon for the game. This way, the studio will have room to experiment and circumvent the plot at some points. Although we are sure that there will still be discontent.

Fergusson says this:

“I know that some franchises have their own 700-page Bible, which they put in front of the filmmakers and say - here are the rules, do everything according to them. When we started, we had two pages of advice on what not to do. We want our team to have freedom of ideology and the ability to do something differently. ”

Succubus Trailer

Succubus is an Agony spin-off, if anyone doesn't know. In the new trailer, we were shown the main character - a succubus, who became the queen of GG from Agony after the events of the finale. Over time, she became bored and decided to go to new lands.

Early problems of Fallout 76 have not been resolved, as the authors are busy with new content

Fallout 76 had a lot of problems. Many that have arisen at the release have not yet been resolved. This is due to the fact that developers have prioritized the creation of new content.

This VG24 / 7 was told by Bethesda employee Chris Mayer. The company doesn't have many resources to fix all the problems. The key is to deliver fresh content so that players don't leave the game out of boredom [heh, it looks like Mr. Mayer doesn't know how the players are having fun in their game themselves]. That is why the company balances between the quality of the game and its content.


Also, according to Mayer, all their actions depend on the requests of the players, and even the patches were based solely on the most necessary for high-quality gameplay, as users see it.

CDPR Reveals New Cyberpunk 2077 Posters Showcasing In-Game Fashion

New posters depict residents of different areas of Knight City. Looking at them, you can estimate what is now fashionable among social groups living in the city.

Neokitch is an image of great wealth and vanity. This style of clothing thrives among the cream of the Night City community, who can be anyone and buy anything.


Neo-militarism - the style personifies the conflict of the struggle of corporations for power over the city. He looks stern and cold, as if you are ready to parachute into the place of a military conflict at any moment.


Kitsch is an image of a bygone era, popular among people who cannot forget it. It looks defiant, daring and cheap. Kitsch is characterized by gold-plated implants, bright makeup.


Entropism is the image of poor people unable to keep up with the technological future. It is characterized by flaws in design coupled with a general poverty of the idea.


These were all the important news of the second half of the week - stay tuned.

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