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”Better and Worse Than Ever” - Western Journalists on Wolfenstein: Youngblood


The final installment of the Wolfenstein trilogy by MachineGames has been released. The last game set the bar for the triquel quite high, as it had great gameplay, setting and a more complex story [like a shooter] than the first part of the trilogy. The third game initially decided to follow a different path. First, the hero has changed in it. Secondly, they introduced a cooperative for two, and also returned the formula "less words, more action." And now the game came out and reviews began on Wolfenstein: Youngblood, in general, Western journalists agree. So what are the ratings for Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

"Something else that happened before ..."

On average, Wolfenstein: Youngblood scores range from 7 to 8, which is confirmed by many reviews, both authoritative publications, and Metacritic, where the game received 77 points.

Fairly high [at 8.5] the game was rated in Game Informer. They point out that this is a little different from Wolfenstein, to which we are used:

“Youngblood is a side story that chooses something different from what came before, and includes combat, skill trees, cosmetics, and even aspects such as day to day challenges. These clever changes make Youngblood an extremely enjoyable cooperative first-person shooter game about the collapse of Nazi skulls.


The publication also notes that this is a classic shooter, where you mow down crowds of enemies that are sticking at you from all sides, but with an emphasis on cooperative passage.

“To take out some enemies (not to mention bosses), you must work together, often with one player acting as decoy, to lure the enemy into a trap while the other focuses fire on him.”

In addition, the publication praises AI. If you play the game alone, his abilities fluctuate between good and very good. The author notes that he once walked away and watched as the computer partner quickly and easily mows down an entire apartment filled with enemies. However, he never felt like his amusement was overshadowed by the workings of the AI, especially considering how tough subsequent encounters with enemies can be.


But there are also significant shoals. On IGN, the game was rated average, at 6.5 points, and there the author says that sometimes artificial intelligence is not as good as he wanted. For example, in the game it is quite difficult to die, as it has a partner help system. That is, when your life ends, you fall and your partner has a minute to lift you up. Playing with a friend - everything is fine, but with AI:

"For example, the last battle in the mission" Brother's Tower 2 ". I got killed several times - thanks for that to Jess, the AI-controlled, who was shooting enemies at this time and didn't care about me. ”


As noted by PC Gamer, this time the game has shifted its focus from emotional catharsis to gum, where everything is concentrated on beautiful murders. Enemies now have health bars and now, sometimes, a headshot or ax blow may not be enough to kill him.

The publication sees a problem in this, since often you start to get distracted from the murder scenes themselves and keep your eyes on the health bars. The elements of the shooter are well-set, but they cannot be compared with the same second part. Like everything else.


If we talk about the main characters, there is an interesting pattern. Journalists praise their audacity and coolness, but at least two publications celebrate their mental abilities:

“Jess and Sophie are frantic and sometimes dumb, like many teens and young adults, but this gives their personalities realism. Most of the time though, they're just damn cool, especially with stellar voice acting. They will talk about their favorite super-spy series Arthur and Kenneth, even introducing themselves as their favorite art duo. They will refer to what their parents did, talk to each other in battle, and just behave foolishly in the elevator to the background music of the 80s, breathing new life into the Blaskovich family. ”- Gamespot.


“The hallmark of Sophie and Jess is that they are laughing assholes who would be at least a little adorable if it weren't for the constant use of horrible 80s slang trying to mow under the bastard homies. Yes, they do reveal themselves, for example, when they chat about hunting memories with their dad or tell stories with their tough Texan accent, but they're not exactly the characters I want to know more about. They're just ... normal. "- IGN.


But all editions celebrate the excellent level design, to which the creators of Dishonored had a hand.

“The best part of Youngblood is the level design. Arkane Studios of Dishonored and Prey came aboard to design the Nazi-run Paris of the 80s, and it shows in every inch of space. Here are some highlights from my exploration of the houses: a dingy apartment housing an amateur Nazi rock band, junk food and empty soda cans stacked in a corner, a drum kit and guitars on wooden pallets; a banal Nazi office space dotted with dreary, featureless booths, a video rental store that advertises TVs and VHS players, and obscene horror films with a clear fascist twist, ”says PC Gamer.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood shows you with all his might, gracefully and in detail, that “Hey, this is the eighties, baby.”

Despite the fact that publications say that the triquel loses compared to previous games, Polygon spoke best about the game:

“Youngblood is a first-person shooter with a meaty gameplay where all systems work well, enemies pose a brutal challenge, and a friend can go through it all with you. It seems like it was designed to be a relatively inexpensive but peppy FPS, and I admit it amused me. ”

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