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Spotify getting ready to launch in USA


Spotify is a world famous service for listening to music online, which was launched in 65 countries, but has so far bypassed the USA market. Judging by the latest news, this shortcoming will soon be corrected and the official launch of Spotify in USA will take place.

First of all, it is worth noting the Russification of the Spotify interface, which was noticed by attentive users of the site at the beginning of last month. It seems to us that this is an obvious signal that Spotify will soon launch on USA territory. There is just a small nuance: the USA version of the music service is not launched on all devices.


Employees of TJournal decided to find out what caused the appearance of the USA version of Spotify and, through their own anonymous sources, confirmed that the official launch of the application in USA is scheduled for this spring.

The service is currently not working on the USA market, so USA users have to turn on VPN and use other tricks to take advantage of Spotify's capabilities.

When Spotify officially arrives in USA, we can confidently say that a regional price for using the service will be prepared for USA users. For example, a monthly subscription to the American version of the service costs 660 rubles, while in India the cost is only 110 rubles. Most likely, the official fee for using Spotify will not go far from similar music services in USA and will stop at 150-200 rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman