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Top 10 Apps in the AppStore of 2017


In early December, Apple released a list of 20 apps that were the most popular among users in 2017.

Its content is quite predictable - we are all familiar with Snapchat, and Facebook, and Instagram. Examining the list is interesting because it provides a fairly clear picture of people's preferences. So let's go over the trends of the outgoing year.

1st Place: Bitmoji


The most downloaded app of 2017 is an algorithm for creating custom avatars based on the user's face. The app was created in 2014, but has soared to the top with the growing popularity of the Snapchat messenger.

You might call it stupid or useless, but it's just funny. And what brings a piece of joy to life has a right to exist.

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2nd Place: Snapchat


Social media will never go out of trend. Some of them will slowly give up their positions and leave the field of vision (like ICQ and MySpace), but new ones will immediately come in their place.

This is natural: people live by communication, and therefore such a convenient and secure service like Snapchat simply cannot be ignored. An absolutely deserved second place.

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3rd Place: YouTube


World famous video hosting has become a symbol of the millennium. It is no longer just an entertainment service, but a place of work and study for millions of people. Why read long instructions when you can watch a 2-minute video that will sort everything out?

How to make money without leaving your home? Create your own channel. The removal of video length restrictions and the possibility of live streaming only contributed to the growth of YouTube's popularity.

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4th Place: Messenger


Who needs regular SMS now, when almost everyone has unlimited Internet in their smartphones? Messenger combines phonebook contacts with Facebook contacts. Video calls, photo sharing, group chats and funny stickers - everything to make communication with friends easier.

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5th Place: Instagram


Instagram gives the modern user everything he wants: entertainment, the opportunity to spy on the lives of friends and celebrities, as well as an instant portion of likes for a freshly uploaded photo. Let's not close our eyes to the truth: Instagram has turned into a platform for advertisers.

Sometimes 80% of the posts flashing in the feed are trying to sell us something and invite us somewhere. But the popularity of the service does not diminish from this. Is there a photo hosting site like this, where you can become an Internet star in a matter of days?

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6th Place: Facebook


Old-timers remember what FB used to be like: an avatar and a wall where at the end of each message you had to sign your name, otherwise other users would never have guessed who sent it. No ads for clothes and cosmetics, no groups or privacy settings for each individual post.

It is now one of the most powerful social platforms. Millions of people struggle with addiction. Facebook skillfully adapts to the needs of society and there is no doubt that it will stay with us for a long time.

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7th place: Google Maps

Google Maps

The undisputed leader of mobile mapping, a must-have companion for any traveler (and even those who do not leave their city).

Who among us hasn't looked at our home on Google Maps? Apple's most dedicated fans admit that Apple Maps is far from Google in terms of route accuracy.

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8th Place: Netflix


Previously, we studied TV programs in newspapers and were upset if an interesting film was staged at an inconvenient time. Then they downloaded torrents for hours. Now the mobile Internet has reached such speeds that it is easier to watch a movie online than to download it (and even more so than to search for it on a DVD).

Over the ten years of its existence, the Netflix community has grown and turned into a whole culture - the culture of fans of series, TV shows and comedy performances. A huge video library is right in your pocket. Just remember to pay for your subscription on time.

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9th Place: Spotify


What do people like besides cinema and communication? Music, of course. The top ten leaders are not complete without a music service. There are more and more of us who prefer to listen to streaming audio instead of filling the memory of their device with gigabytes of favorite tracks.

What Spotify is great at doing is analyzing user tastes and personalizing songs for them.

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10th Place: Uber


Nowhere without a car. And if not everyone can afford the cost of maintaining their own car, then we have plenty of taxi services. For private cab drivers, Uber has become a tool for finding customers.

Passengers were given the opportunity to independently choose a car and track its movement in real time. It closes the top ten of the leaders, and this is a really useful application that deservedly appeared in the top 10 of the outgoing year.

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