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Where can I get and how to install the old version of Android application?


If you read the reviews that users leave on Google Play, then you at least once came across a statement in the style of "the application is super, but after an update it stopped working.

Yes, there are times when, after updating, the program completely or partially loses its functionality. And if for some reason you are not satisfied with the update, you can roll back to the previous version.

What could be wrong with updates?

The most common problems that users complain about after updating software are the following:

  • bugs;
  • end of support for older versions of Android;
  • incompatibility of the application with the hardware characteristics of the device;
  • completely changed interface;
  • lack of familiar functions;
  • lots of ad windows.

If you come across at least a couple of points from the above, you probably want to rollback to the old version of the application.

How do I install an old version of Android application?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done through the official store. Google Play allows developers to post only one version of the APK, so with each update, the application is reloaded and the previous version is removed.

At the same time, Google carefully monitors that the latest versions of applications are always installed on users' devices. For this, an automatic update was invented.

So if you want to use the old version of the program, you will have to download it from a third-party resource.

Things to do before installing the old application

First, prepare your smartphone. By default, the system prohibits the installation of applications from anywhere, except from the official store. Go to the “ security ” tab and check the box next to “ unknown sources ”. You can then install the APK downloaded from any site.

However, this instruction is not relevant for the eighth version of Android. In Oreo, you'll have to give permission to run third-party APKs to an app like Google Drive or Chrome. It depends on how the application gets to your smartphone: if you are going to download it using a browser, give permission to Chrome or whatever browser you are using. This setting is located in the tab " privacy and security " - " else " - " installing unknown applications ".

Don't forget to disable automatic app updates

Disable automatic updates on Google Play. Otherwise, the store will quickly detect outdated software on your device, and you won't even notice how it gets updated.

By deleting an unnecessary application, you will erase all data associated with it, settings, game progress, etc. If you wish, you can make a backup and save it in the cloud to restore it later in the old version of the application.

Remove the updated application and proceed to find the version you want.

Where can I download older versions of the applications?

Old APK versions can be downloaded for free from sites such as APKMirror,, UpToDown, APK4Fun and APKPure. In the description you will find all the information you need: application version, warnings about bugs and incompatibilities, etc.

Installation is extremely simple: download the file, find it in the device memory and launch it. Everything.

You can also download the application via a desktop PC. Then you will have to move it to the smartphone's memory via a USB cable or cloud service, but it won't take much

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