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Samsung Smart TVs Coming with Apple App


Two big tech players Samsung and Apple have launched a partnership to bring optional Samsung Smart TVs and link to Apple Movies / TV Shows. Linking to the iTunes application will allow you to use the content of the service and select your favorite movies and TV shows from there.

The 2019 TV lineup will already come with a preinstalled app, but last year's models will be able to install the service via a software update.

The Korean manufacturer promises to complement Samsung TVs with AirPlay 2 technology, with which it is possible to transfer content from Apple TV consoles and branded MacBooks. The AirPlay 2 wireless system will allow owners of Apple devices to view live broadcasts, photos, videos directly on the TV.


Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to use their own library or select a movie or series of interest on the iTunes Store from a variety of options, including a large series of video files in advanced 4K HDR format. Movies / TV Shows service will be integrated into Samsung TVs and will appear in branded Smart TV services, including Universal Guide, updated Bixby and search. AirPlay 2 complements Samsung Smart TVs, including The Frame and Serif interior models, UHD, HD, QLED 4K and 8K devices.

This is not the first time that the two corporations have been partners. A number of Samsung components are present in the device of branded iPhones. The Verge considers this collaboration as one of the preparatory stages for the launch of Apple's streaming service, which will compete for the consumer with the Netflix platform on a par with the way Apple Music competes with Spotify.

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Author: Jake Pinkman