Insider # 02.07: the versatility of Apple Silicon; ”Roll-up smartphone” LG; iPhone 12; Poco M2 Pro (Topic)

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Insider # 02.07: the versatility of Apple Silicon; ”Roll-up smartphone” LG; iPhone 12; Poco M2 Pro


Thanks to inside information, readers of our portal will be the first to know the latest news from electronics manufacturers. Today we will tell you about the data of network informers regarding Apple products. We will also discuss the prospects of the Korean LG "roll-off smartphone" and the device specifications from Xiaomi.

Apple Silicon processors can run on macOS

Apple mobile devices and desktop computers have always had separate hardware. Recently it became known that the company's specialists are working to tie them together so that, for example, it will be possible to run iOS applications on a Mac with Catalyst.

Recently, the American manufacturer announced the ARM-based Apple Silicon processor, which has received ample opportunities. It is likely that it will become the unifying device that enables multiple systems to run on a single platform.

This is confirmed by a data breach indicating that an iPhone with an Apple Silicon chipset will be able to run macOS. This is possible when connected to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Previously, electronics manufacturers have already tried to make stationary PCs out of smartphones. This work was carried out by engineers from Samsung, Microsoft and even Canonical. Microsoft Continuum technology made it possible to turn Windows 10 Mobile into a desktop PC, provided that the appropriate peripherals were connected to it. Samsung DeX did the same with Android devices.

These technologies are practically not used now.

An Apple Silicon leak says the iPhone won't just convert iOS to desktop mode. Instead, the smartphone will start using macOS, especially since the new processor is primarily designed to work in Mac devices.

Tech blogger MauriQHD believes that Apple's research can be compared to the Razer Project Linda, which was doomed to failure at birth. This technology involved the installation of a Razer smartphone in a laptop or similar device.


Surely the Yabloko people will come up with something more interesting. However, not all of their research has been implemented. In the case of Apple Silicon, things may be different, as its developers are doing everything to bring iOS and Mac closer together.

LG talks about work on new generation of bendable smartphones

Recently, the head of LG announced that the company's specialists are developing a new generation of devices that will be equipped with roll-type screens.

They will be able to roll up like rolls.

The first data on an interesting technology from a Korean manufacturer appeared on the Internet a few months ago. However, no comments on this matter were received from LG at the time.

Vendor CEO Kwon Bong recently announced that his firm will be the first in the world to launch a roll-up display device.

Insiders from South Korea have already published several reports on this matter. They say that LG has created several prototypes of such devices, which are now being produced at the facilities of unnamed enterprises.

The concept of such a product is based on the use of a flexible OLED matrix, which the Koreans have been developing for a long time together with the specialists of the BOE company.

The user of such a device will be able to stretch the screen to working dimensions, and, if necessary (during transportation of the device), fold it. Then it won't take up much space.

Nothing has been reported about the technical characteristics of the device yet.

iPhone 12 flagships may get stripped-down displays

Network whistleblowers have been spreading a lot of rumors lately regarding the iPhone 12 line.

Recently, they announced that Yabloko had no plans to equip the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max with screens with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Previously, it was claimed that these models will receive just such displays.

The new leak is based on information recently released by DSCC CEO Ross Young. He posted on the web a list of smartphones from various manufacturers that should receive screens of the above type. Among them, there is not a single mention of the iPhone 12.


Insiders believe that even such expensive models as the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will use an OLED matrix with a low scanning frequency.

Apple has not yet commented on this information.

Poco M2 Pro specifications revealed

The Poco M2 Pro will be announced in less than a week.

Not long before that, there were a number of leaks revealing its technical capabilities. It also became known about testing the device in one of the benchmarks.

According to Geekbench, the device will receive a processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. Most likely, it will be the Snapdragon 720G, as insiders have already talked about earlier. The device will also have 6 GB of RAM.


In testing, it scored 554 points in single-core and 1757 points in multi-core.

Also, the smartphone is predicted to have an IPS display, a fingerprint scanner in the power button and a battery with support for fast charging. The main camera will receive a sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels.

Nothing has been announced about the cost of the device.

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