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Inside # 06.07: $ 200 iPhone; Lenovo tablet computer; about Apple chargers


This whistleblower news release features news for two electronics manufacturers, Apple and Lenovo. First, let's discuss the likelihood of an American company developing a smartphone worth only $ 200. In the third information block, we will learn how the Yabloko people intend to solve all the problems that previously arose with their iPhone chargers. We will also clarify the nuances of equipping the Lenovo tablet, which will receive a number of interesting features.

Low-cost iPhone is likely to hit the mobile market

Apple, like many other electronics manufacturers, periodically changes its development strategy. This became clear after it released the 2020 iPhone SE, equipped with the most advanced mobile chipset. Its performance is the envy of many flagship developers from Asia and South Korea.


It is likely that the American firm will continue this course. Recently it became known that Apple engineers are working on a smartphone model, the cost of which could be as little as $ 200. If so, then we will all witness a radical change in the company's strategy, which was previously regularly criticized for the high cost of its products.

Blogger MauriQHD is sure of the reliability of this information. He only expresses some concern about the mobile platform of the future device. The specialist believes that an outdated chipset may be installed there.

In his post (posted on Twitter), he also discusses the cost of the device. According to him, the device can be estimated in the range of $ 200 - $ 300. If so, then the most inexpensive Apple smartphone will cost significantly less than the current iPhone SE. It starts at $ 399.

The information this insider shares with everyone is often true. Previously, he claimed that the iPhone 2021 SE will receive an A13 Bionic processor and this has been confirmed.

If Americans install at least a mid-range chipset in an inexpensive model of their smartphone, which allows to obtain acceptable performance, then the release of such a device will shake up the entire mobile device market.

The reason for this will be a combination of Apple's significant credibility and the low cost of the new product, which will receive a price tag lower than most Android flagships. It is likely that then the market share of Yabloko will increase significantly. Especially in developing countries.

How it will actually be is still unknown. There is no data yet on the equipment of the inexpensive iPhone.

Lenovo is preparing to launch a new tablet

Lenovo has recently made a name for itself as an adventurous agent in the development of Android-based tablet computers. It has already released a device designed to double work as a smart speaker or monitor, a tablet with a built-in projector and a model with two screens - on E Ink and a color display.

A leak has appeared on the network, indicating the development of the Lenovo Yoga Book X gadget, which is available not only as a standalone Android tablet, but also as a second screen or portable monitor for a laptop or other devices.


This was announced by Till Kottmann and Evan Blass, who plunged into the process of studying the details of Lenovo's internal documents.

They have determined that the new product will be equipped with a micro HDMI input, which will allow you to connect a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other devices, such as the Nintendo Switch. Android applications will be suspended immediately. You will need to enter your PIN or password to resume it.

After you unplug the HDMI cable, the Lenovo Yoga Book X continues to operate as a standalone tablet.

There is no data on the specifications of the new item yet, but given the reputation of the Chinese manufacturer, it will definitely be brought to the market. And in the near future.

Mac owners can now afford something similar. In order to use the new iPad as a second screen (it must be purchased or available), you need to install the Apple Sidecar functionality. It allows you to make a second PC screen from a tablet from an American manufacturer.

Apple will solve all the problems with charging cords for its smartphones

From network sources, it became known not so long ago about the reduction in the configuration of the future iPhone lines. Insiders claim that these devices will be left without charging. However, they will still contain charging cables. They used to be a problem for users. This was especially true of the braiding of these products.

For many years, Yabloko players have been completing their smartphones with a Lightning cable with a polymer sheath. During operation, its braid peeled off, which led to product breakage or loss of presentation.


Twitter insider @ L0vetodream announced that with the launch of the iPhone 12 line, the firm will begin using a new charger cable with a more durable braid, which will also receive a USB Type-C plug instead of the currently used Lightning.

He posted a series of images to support this information.

The iPhone 12 is scheduled to start shipping this fall.

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