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PUBG, do you need quality?


PUBG is a great example of one person taking another person's good idea and perfecting it, but there were several ideas.

Firstly, this is the well-known Japanese film Battle Royale, a mod for Arma 3 battle royal and the unpopular game The Culling. Secondly, DayZ, with its supply finder, a free, knee-high modification to the old Arma 2, which has "fired", becoming a craze for many gamers.

And if Arma is a meeting of dawn and dawn, while reading Japanese haiku, a game that has always been a haven for players seeking realism, despite the hardships and hardships, who can lie in the bush for hours and stare at one point ... " and why didn't they play the stone simulator? " Then PUBG is similar to a marathon distance in combat, maximum effort, in a short period of time. There is no time for reflection, opponents are everywhere, and there are more of them, grab everything you see and run, ride, swim, because the zone is close ... You can blame the PUBG developers for lack of optimization, a bunch of bugs and crashes, but this niche was not occupied, and even such a crooked performance could break out into the leaders online on Steam, bypassing the oldies Dota 2 and Cs GO. Remember the aforementioned DayZ he had exactly the same problems, but he was also incredibly good.

On the other hand, you can take endless Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed, parts of which are released every year, but every other year. A perfect example of an expensive cover without a soul. This also includes Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ghost Recon Wildlands and many other games.

It would seem that they are made by large companies capable of hiring the best screenwriters, the best designers and the best programmers, why don't the best games come out? Alexander Druz will answer, oh, sorry, not the right text.

The answer lies in the question: do we really need high-quality and expensive games? If even one person, or a small group, is able to release a conceptually new, albeit crooked, oblique, Frankenstein-like game? Maybe we are waiting for her, ready to forgive her all the shortcomings, as an interesting interlocutor who can distract us from everyday life with conversation. Maybe this particular game, like a handmade sweater, can warm us with its unique atmosphere, something unknown, give new emotions?

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Author: Jake Pinkman