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Question of the Year: So is it PUBG or Fortnite?


You can endlessly look at three things: how a fire burns, how a stream flows, and how PUBG fans argue with Fortnite fans.

This entertaining debate has been going on for a whole year now, which (I will not torment readers) has absolutely no meaning. Let's examine the advantages of each of the games.

Let's start with PUBG

In the video you can see what the game is like. If you have not seen or heard a friend and just got out of cryosleep.

- Achievement is the first super successful Battle Royale. It was pubg that became the FIRST game built around one mode - battle royale

- Unique optimization. Yes, yes. Optimization. In the pubg. Hehe.

- Lots of tournaments and competitions . Almost like in the dot-com and ks.

- As many as four cards . That's 4x more than Fortnite. You can also choose them according to your mood.

- T transport . Cars, UAZs, motorcycles and a hellish chariot that killed more people than any of us.

Now let's talk about Fortnite

- It's free . Absolutely. Costs 0 times more than pubg (remember the math lessons for the first grade)

- Variety of modes . Yes, a sea of events dedicated to high-profile events in the real world.

- Ability to build . Does anyone use this? Well.

- You can fly a rocket . Real!

In general, there is plenty to choose from. But I cannot give an unambiguous verdict. Each game is good in its own way. Each offers something special. The only thing that could be the deciding factor is Fortnite's shooting curve - it's just awful.

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Author: Jake Pinkman