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PUBG Corporatin Sues Other Battle Royale Games


The most important phenomenon of the gaming industry in 2017 in the person of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds made its creators rich. The developers have earned more than $ 600 million in sales of their PC game alone, and that's not counting the purchase of game items and the profit from PUBG sales on XBOX ONE. Of course, such a colossal success did not go unnoticed by other developers, and copies of the popular game began to appear like mushrooms after rain.

This situation did not suit the developers of PUBG, who believe in the justice of Themis, filed a lawsuit against the creators of the games Knives Out and Rules of Survival. These games appeared back in 2017 and skillfully copied numerous gameplay elements from PUBG. And here we are talking not only about borrowing the very mechanics of the royal battle, but also about models of weapons, equipment, clothing and buildings.


Best of all, the extent of the developers' dissatisfaction is indicated by the volume of the document that they submitted to the court. It contains 155 pages of meticulously detailed claims to the NetEase studio, which released clones of the battle royale on smartphones even before the official release of the project on PC.

It is likely that the creation of PUBG would not have paid attention to the tricks of Chinese developers in the smartphone market. After all, initially, the royal battle was a purely computer project and the game has no competitors on the PC. Obviously, the decision to release PUBG on smartphones forced the game creators to take up arms against the "army of clones" of their project.

The reasons for the dissatisfaction are clear, because if you enter "PUBG Mobile" in the search engine, then in addition to the original game, links to the projects of the NetEase studio will be issued. And even more, if you enter the same thing in the AppStore, then clones of the popular game will glow in the search results.

PUBG filed a lawsuit

Many players absolutely do not care where the copy or the unique original is, they just see the word "PUBG" and react to it as a trigger. Know that when you download a fake battle royale, somewhere in the world, one of the developers of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is crying and wiping away tears with dollar bills!

And if it's no joke, then the situation is really ugly. The creators of the original game even tried to resolve the conflict with NetEase relatively peacefully, asking Apple to block copies of the game in the Appstore. All claims of infringement of intellectual property were denied by NetEase, and Apple did not intervene in the situation. Therefore, going to court is a natural outcome, but now the developers are also asking for substantial financial compensation.

"PUBG has suffered enormous damage due to the infringement of intellectual property by the defendants and will continue to bear it until NetEase is brought to justice," the claim says.

We will monitor the development of the conflict and will inform you if the situation takes a new turn. If the developers of the original battle royale win, it will be an unprecedented event that will entail an avalanche of lawsuits from other companies. Indeed, in the Play Market and AppStore, every second game is a copy of some popular project.

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