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Best Battle Royale Games of 2019


Battle Royale games are a real phenomenon in the gaming industry. It doesn't matter if you like Battle Royale games or not, while Fortnite is the most popular game in the world and the creators of PUBG are reporting billions of dollars in annual profits, more developers will look towards the "Battle Royale". With "Battle Royals " you can fight on the forums, you can ignore it, or you can give them a chance and look at the best representatives of the genre. And if you belong to the third category of gamers, here are the top 10 best battle royale games.

The genre flourished in 2017 and, for obvious reasons, it is no longer enough for numerous developers to clone the successful games of competitors to fight for gaming attention. All the tricks were used: the struggle of creativity, when the standard rules of games in the battle royale genre were completely revised and the main disadvantages of a competitor, the struggle of settings and, most importantly, the struggle of quality were eliminated. In recent years in the gaming industry, we have been able to witness a real "Battle Royale" among the developers of Battle Royale games. And, as you know, only the best win.

But what games came out the winner in this bloody battle and are worthy of your attention, you can find out in the new video of Alice. Note that the selection featured both paid and the best free Battle Royale games.

Separately, we note the games that were not included in the top, but will nevertheless be interesting for fans of the genre:

Dying Light: Bad Blood

The Polish studio Techland decided to keep up with the trends and in the fall of last year presented its own rather non-trivial vision of the "Royal Battle". The essence of the game is simple: 12 players land on a compact map, who must collect copies of infected blood as quickly as possible and have time to get into a helicopter. Variety brings inheritance from the original Dying Light: a parkour system, narrow city streets, hordes of zombies and an emphasis on close combat. The only "but": at the moment the game is paid and is in Steam's early access, but soon the developers promise that everyone can download Dying Light: Bad Blood for free.


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Do not be surprised by the nondescript appearance of the game, because of which, even among not particularly technological competitors, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds looks like a hello from the past decade. The game was originally planned as an April Fool's joke, but to our surprise we got one of the most original "Battle Royals". The main advantage of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is free distribution, a huge arsenal of weapons, rag physics, thanks to which a rifle shot can throw the player back a few meters with a recoil, and, of course, an abundance of jokes and humor.


Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned: Arena Mode is another battle royale that shouldn't be judged by its looks. Under the unassuming shell is a real hardcore shooter with realistic bullet ballistics, recoil and high damage, forcing you to use all your tactical genius to win. Other benefits include a wide arsenal of weapons and a free distribution model.


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