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Omae wa mou shindeiru, SSSSS and Niko niko ni - where famous anime memes come from


Almost always well-known memes come to us from foreign resources like Reddit or Forchan. It is not always easy to find the original source, because passing through hundreds of hands of the great minds of the Internet, they can come to us in a perverted form. Talking about the greatest, most holy memorial grail, namely anime memes, is even more difficult, because their meaning can only be understood by a select few, known as: "watching these Chinese porn cartoons are perverted." Today we will talk about the history of anime memes. Seriously though, enough memes have accumulated that have come to us from anime, which have become classics. Let's take a look in order to understand how it happened, what to identify an anime guy, you just need to say six words to him with the letter S.

Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, Surprise, Service

Since it went like this, let's start with a meme known as Sadistic Serves or Bland S, which came to us from the anime Bland S. The plot tells about a girl who is eager to go to study abroad, but she does not have enough money for this. She decides to go to work and save them up. Alas, she fails every interview because she has a special maniac look that scares employers. She is still lucky and over time she gets a job in a restaurant, where, on the contrary, he could even be useful to her.


The opening of this anime was used to create the meme, where all the main characters pronounce six words indicating the service standards of their restaurant: Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, Surprise, Service. One day, a YouTube user posted a video where he added after the sixth word a fragment from Attack of the Titans, where Erwin shouts sasageyo, after which a titan rips off his arm. Immediately after it, people caught the joke and started posting videos like this.

The essence of the meme is that after the sixth letter, people insert another word or phrase that also begins with the letter S. Usually these are various viral or funny phrases from anime or movies. It happens that the one who shouts is even added to the same background as the characters from the original anime.

Omae wa mou shindeiru

Fist of the North Star is a classic 80s anime based on the Shonen Jump manga of the same name. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic future where everything is destroyed by nuclear explosions. The protagonist Kenshiro is a martial arts master who can kill his enemies with the power of the Hokuto Shinken. By influencing important vital points of enemies with it, he can literally blow them up. He travels around a ruined planet and kills anyone who tries to prevent people from returning to normal life.


The anime got its second life in 2010 thanks to one scene, which turned into a meme of Omae wa mou shindeiru. Having overcome the crowd of raiders, the hero leaves, when suddenly another forehead appears from behind, but before attacking the GG, Kenshiro says the phrase "Omae wa mou shindeiru", which translates as "You are already dead." Then there is a terribly creaking ringing and the raider's head explodes.

As a result, the meme began to be used in vidos, where someone catches another person by surprise, and very enchanting. The effect is enhanced not only by the phrase itself and the grinding, but also by a questioning exclamation

"Nani"? Niko niko ni

But the anime meme Niko niko ni is not so much cool as mad in all its forms. At least he became that way thanks to the fact that he got the virus. And this phrase belongs to Nico Aizawa, the heroine of the anime Love Live. According to its plot, a group of schoolgirls opens their school idol circle, which includes this heroine. By herself, Niko is quiet and rude, but when she becomes an idal, she immediately turns into a smiling and cheerful one. The very phrase Niko niko ni translates as "Niko Niko Smile!" and is accompanied by another characteristic pose.

The meaning of the meme is that people just jest at the pronunciation and apply different effects to it, for example, turning a lingering niii into the sound of a siren announcing a nuclear attack.

It's over nine thousand !!!


Another iconic memes came to us from Dragon ball Z. There, Vighetto measures Goku's strength with a special device, and when asked how much he intended, he angrily replies "Its over nine thousaaaaand !!!" As a result, the phrase went public and usually this memes is used to show an indecent amount of something that causes violent emotions.

In the original, by the way, the phrase sounded about eight thousand, but it was the nine thousandth American adaptation that people liked.

Yare yare daze


Speaking of anime memes, it's hard not to remember Jojo, namely the legendary and catchphrase of Kuzo Jotoro. The anime itself JoJo no Kimyou na Bouke tells about different representatives of the Joster family, whose fates are intertwined more and more with each new season. The phrase "Yare yare daze" is not translated, it is only a purely Japanese expression, although they try to adapt it as: "give me a break", "oh, how boring", "what a pain" or "well, well". In any case, it expresses tiredness or boredom and is often used in comments on equally boring things

Is that a dove?


This wildly nutty meme that went far beyond the anime fandom. The phrase came to us from the old anime Fighbird. There it is pronounced by an android who is not fully familiar with the world order of our life and takes a butterfly for a dove. It looks so ridiculous that the meme scattered and began to display the confusion or absurdity of the statement.

To be continued ...

The last anime meme for today came to us from Jojo again. Many do not even realize that he is in any way connected with this series, but this is so. Its essence is simple - this is an ordinary cliffhanger who cuts everything off at the most interesting place. However, the meme has taken on a different meaning, being used in situations where someone is going to be in great pain, or when someone is about to get into a bad situation. You understand that this will not end with anything good, and at the moment of the trash itself, under a pleasant guitar riff, the inscription “To be continued ...” appears

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