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Anime Villains We Empathize


We often root for the hero in anime, but there are times when the main bad guy of the series has good reasons to be bad, and we understand them perfectly. As a result, we catch ourselves thinking that we secretly root for him and want his plan to come true. Most anime do not go beyond classic themes such as world domination, personal vendetta, power, greed, or simply fighting evil. But when the anime doesn't just create an evil dummy, we see that the motives of some of these villains are based on the trauma of the past or on high ideals, albeit sophisticated. As a result, we end up with anime villains that we sympathize with and sympathize with. At times, though, we just love them.

In general, we can divide these heroes into three categories:

Villains who think they are doing the right thing

In some cases, we are imbued with the ideas of antiheroes, but not how they implement them. Such villains tend to feel confident that they are doing the right thing. Having ideas in common with them does not mean that we share methods.

Shoga Makishima / Psycho-Pass


We understand why Shoga Makishima does what he does. He is trying to bring about the collapse of the Sybil system, an analogue of Big Brother, which decides who is worthy of death and who is life. Life outside the totalitarian system is cool, but we do not agree that for this it is necessary to arrange a mass slaughter among the population, which is what Makishima is doing. However, with motives like this, it's clear why he is a fan favorite.

Light Yagami / Death Note


Although at the end of the anime, Light imagines himself to be a full-fledged god, whose word is law [not that he didn't have this complex from the very beginning of the series], but initially he just wanted to cleanse the world of evil people. He even understood who was really guilty of what he had done and who was not. The very way of killing criminals and keeping honest people alive is not a good idea, for who gave him the right to judge? But we partly understand what exactly he wanted - a world without evil.

Lorgen / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


In Gurren Lagann, all people have been living underground for more than one decade, and many no longer remember why this happened. When the characters meet with the main antagonist of the first half of the series, they learn how it happened that humanity was driven underground, and what exactly Lorgen is behind it. However, later we find out his true motives and understand that he is in many ways similar to the main character. I just took a different path.

Lord Darcia the Third / Wolf's Rain


Lord Darcia acts for a number of selfish reasons, and we can understand them. All he wants is to free himself and his beloved. He tries to achieve his goals through kidnapping - but all just to be with his loved one again.

Shoga Amakusa / Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan


It's not a good idea to avenge your dead parents with even more bloodshed, but at least Amakusa's heart is in the right place. He wants to create a safe haven where people can worship anyone and practice any religion they want without being persecuted for their faith. Unfortunately, his methods for doing so included taking over Japan by force and ruling it as emperor.

Villains who are a product of their past

Bad people are not always bad. More precisely, they were once not bad, just life drove them into circumstances in which they could not stand. It is banal that everything can be reduced to the phrase "He has a tragic past," and depending on what kind of past it is, we sympathize with the villain, and there is nothing shameful about it.

Slane Troyard / Aldnoah.Zero


We are shown the origin of this earthling who arrived on Mars. How he copes with difficulties and how his relationship with the Martian princess develops in the future. After a certain event happens, he completely changes and turns into a villain. Seeing what Slane went through makes it easy to see how he got the way he is.

Johan Liebert / Monster


At first glance, Johan is a real monster [especially considering the fact that the anime is called “Monster”]. However, the anime offers a rather drab morality without absolute good or evil. And the more we are shown the reasons for his becoming who he is now, the more we sympathize with him. And although we will probably never support his deeds, we begin to feel him more and understand why he is the way he is. The anime raises questions, is evil born or becomes evil?

Chloe / Noir


Chloe may seem like a cold-blooded fighter, but looking back into her past, we find some pretty compelling reasons to be who she is. She has great skills, but if not for her sensitivity, she could have done better. Many bad guys bury people in themselves when Chloe is different, which makes her an anime villain to sympathize with.

Too cool guys not to root for them

Sometimes evil characters are just cool and much more interesting than the main characters. They are loud, funny, or too cute. Differently.

Ladd Russo / Baccano!


Ladd is a bastard, a murderer and a sadist ... but he is hilarious, and as soon as he appears in the frame, you know that now there is a paddle. I don't know how else to describe him, he's just funny. Dio Brando / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure You can either adore or hate Dio - there is no other way. I am one of the people who hate him, but I know enough otaku who love him. He is loved for a lot, and especially for the way in combination with him excellent anime memes come out.

R / Pokemon Team


These guys are too pathetic to hate. Seriously, they have more personality than many other serious anime villains. But the expression "hug and cry" is just about them. This is when we root for anime villain characters simply because we feel sorry for them.

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