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10 Great Anime Antagonists


Throughout its existence, anime has given us not only many good heroes, but also villains. And many of them are so charmingly good that sometimes deep down you root for them. But even if they are not, you feel a serious threat in them. Here are our very own top anime antagonists we love very much.

Johan Liebert / Monster

Johan is a monster. Moreover, if you think that you know what it means to call a person a monster, most likely you are mistaken, because only after seeing Johan in action will you understand the true essence of this word. As a child, Johan killed many people who were kind to him, and forced his own sister to shoot him, but the talented neurosurgeon Tenma saved the boy.


As Johan grew up, his actions became even more terrifying and incomprehensible. His deeds were reflected throughout Germany. He doesn't need super strength or fighting ability. Johan is an emotionless and cold-blooded manipulator, a walking horror and a real monster.

I would call it a mixture of the Joker and Hannibal Lector - I think it will be much better understood that way.

Aizen / Bleach

Aizen is a former captain of the 5th Division, leader of all Arrancar. Almost as powerful as Chief Captain Yamamoto, even during his time in Soul Society and after he conquered Hougyoku, he literally becomes immortal. Able to defeat almost any Shinigami alone. He mastered all forms of Shinigami combat, is able to plan a war 100 years ahead and deceive almost all the characters in the series.


Aizen is one of the most talented villains that ever existed. He is a gray cardinal, let others do his dirty work for him, and not because he is a coward, but because he believes that he has no equal ... Unlike most villains who just want to destroy the world, for Aizen this is all game.

Light Yagami / Death Note

Light is one of the most well-written antagonists in anime. His motives were pretty good - to cleanse the world of evil people, but alas, the methods of achieving through murder are disgusting.


At the same time, Light is a real genius, and a born manipulator, who, moreover, imagines himself to be a god. The way he traced L around his finger, and what sophisticated plans he resorted to, is impressive. The chip moment is probably one of the most iconic in anime history of the decade before last.

Shoga Makishima / Psycho-Pass

Shoga is somewhat similar to Johan, there is probably nothing more dangerous than a person with a calm character who does not lose his composure. Despite the fact that he is an insensitive killer whom you hate, it is rather scary that sometimes you can see common sense in his ideas and even agree with them.


His cunning personality makes the anime a hundred times more interesting, and also creates the basis for conflict between him and Kogami.

Shishio Makoto / Rurouni Kenshin

If the Joker were a samurai, then he would clearly become Shishio Makoto. He is incredibly strong and is probably the only person who could kill Kensi. All he wants is chaos. And most importantly, he is so strong that even his body could not stand this power.


Spot / My Hero Academia

Stain, although not the most powerful villain in the entire anime, he is incredibly dangerous, and most importantly, his actions have significantly affected the heroic world. Known as the killer of heroes, he stood up against an entire regime and started his own war. And even despite his death, before that he was able to instill real fear in the heroes, and also inspired a bunch of followers. His written and published biography has become a bestseller and prompts many young people to imitate him.


Naraku / Inuyasha

Naraku makes you hate him so much that you love him. You can't help but acknowledge his skill at simply being terribly evil. He directly and indirectly breaks countless lives and seems to revel in cruelty, destruction, fear and hate. He is calculating and smart enough to pose a formidable threat, and he has the bloodlust and strength to sustain his ambitions. Naraku manipulates the people he encounters and tortures them in many insane ways.


Envy / Fullmetal Alchemist

Envy or Envy is one of the most dangerous homunculi, capable of transforming into other people in order to manipulate feelings. However, he envies people and that is why he tries his best to hate and despise them, just to hide his envy. Envy is simply disgusting, as he is the culprit of many tragic events. It was he who started the war in Ishwar, turning into a soldier, and killed the child, as well as Hughes, pretending to be his wife. This is just the first thing that comes to mind. Despite the fact that all homunculi are dangerous, Envy is almost at the top.


Cowboy Bebop

Vichese is the human embodiment of the lust for power and destruction. He not only wants to control the Red Dragon Syndicate, but he will kill anyone who wants to prevent him from doing so.

With his cold, sadistic and sociopathic inclinations, he is the opposite of Spike, with whom he has a common past. Everything from well-thought-out plans to even some villainous cliches captivates in Vicious.

Griffith / Berserk

Griffith has a very complex backstory that reveals his evil motives. Most of the time, he is one of the main characters that you sympathize with in his dream of becoming king. But everything changes.


From the very beginning, he clearly understands that he will do everything possible to become king, and is not afraid to sacrifice everything for this. This brings us to one of the most heartbreaking betrayals in anime history. He has done really terrible and destructive things, and is no longer the person he was before his betrayal.

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