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TOP 20 Best Anime Openings [and a couple of endings to boot]


Choosing the best anime openings, as well as choosing the best anime, is difficult. There are too many pitfalls, as there are so many anime coming out now, and people have too different tastes. Therefore, when choosing the best anime openings, we relied not only on how unique and good the composition is, but also how its text and visual series are connected with the anime plot itself, and in some cases also looked at the cultural significance. Well, be that as it may, here are our TOP 20 best anime openings. Plus we have inserted a few exceptions as endings.

20. Speed Racer - "Speed Racer"

Speed Racer, aka Mach GoGoGo, is a classic that lives in the hearts and minds of millions of anime fans of different generations. And her opening song played a significant role in this. "Speed Racer", released in 1967, is a racing / spy thriller. It has both bright races and cars stuffed with weapons. But even before the explosions and dangerous races are shown to you, a rock'n'roll opening theme hits your head.

19. Ghost in the Shell - "Kokaku Kidotai"

People who got to know anime in the 90s got goosebumps from the opening theme of Ghost in the Shell. Little has changed today. Based on Japanese folklore, the music provides the perfect backdrop for watching the anime protagonist's creation.

18. Paranoia Agent - "Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen"

Susumu Hirosawa has always been distinguished by a special surrealism in his compositions, which is why his soundtracks and the anime of Satoshi Kon are inseparable. Even more, it seems that they are made for each other. But perhaps of all the almanac of Kon-Hirosawa collaboration, the opening theme for Agent of Paranoia was the most outstanding - it captured the sense of altered realities that Kon loved so much.

17. Death Note - "The World"

Death Note gained such immense popularity after its release in 2006 that the anime seemed to epitomize otaku culture itself. "The World" remained the main theme of the series until Episode 19, when it was replaced by "What's Up People?" Maximum The Hormone, which personifies the second half of the show very well. In addition, there has never been a case before that deathcore was an anime opening theme. But, alas, it did not compare with The World.

16. Beck - "Hit in the USA"

Anime fans don't always understand the lyrics of their favorite openings. The main thing is an irresistibly vigorous rhythm. This is exactly what we love J-pop for. Rhythm is all there is to know about Beck's opening. I guarantee that 90 seconds of the track will be one of the happiest in your life.

15. FLCL - "Ride On Shooting Star"

The Pillows wrote the soundtrack for the beautiful anime FLCL. His opening song was, without exaggeration, very cool. The Pillows themselves have significantly expanded their fan base through the anime. It's a shame the sequel and its soundtrack didn't get the same response.

14.Fairy Tail - "Ft"

While many songs from Fairy Tail could make this list, this is where the combination of a pleasant theme song and this action-packed visual makes Ft number one.

13. One Piece - "We Are!"

The creators of One Piece loved their intro theme so much that they rewrote and changed it many times throughout the show's history for various special episodes, including changing artists. This is a great introduction to the anime with its peppy spirit, which delights fans to this day.

12. Gankutsuou - "You Won't See Me Coming"

Here we will break our rules and insert an ending theme. He's very good. Gankutsuou is a gorgeous futuristic retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo featuring space vampires. The most sumptuous part of the visual feast in this anime is the closing credits, a kaleidoscopic swirl of color and hue.

11. Macross: Do You Remember Love? - "Do You Remember Love?"

Macross is a story about space war and how the power of music can change it. This song isn't just the centerpiece of the soundtrack, it's a plot spoiler. This 1984 film culminates in this war-changing song. And yet it is a simple love ballad.

10. Samurai Champloo - "Battlecry"

The Samurai Champloo anime that followed Cowboy Bebop was also rich in good soundtrack and animation. With this deceptively cold opening theme, the show mixed classic samurai themes with modern hip-hop.

9. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) - "Guren no Yumiya"

There is probably no better opening theme for an anime like this than Guren no Yumiya. He became the new representative of anime reflection for the whole world. There is nothing more to say.

8. Utena - "Rinbu Revolution"

This opening theme was as revolutionary for girls as the anime's revolutionary message.

7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - "Hare Hare Yukai"

One of the most memorable anime themes of the decade before last. This adorable final theme has become an internet meme, recognizable and widely parodied. It was even parodied by one of his successors, Lucky Star, another anime whose catchy musical theme was prevalent across the internet. When new Internet memes are born out of others, it really matters.

6. Saint Seiya - "Pegasus Fantasy"

Glam Rock and anime - this is only possible in the 80s. Hundreds of people still love this powerful song that surpassed anime in fame.

5. Full Metal Alchemist - "Rewrite"

While every song on the Full Metal Alchemist soundtrack in both the original series and OVA is famous and beautiful, "Rewrite" is an award-winning classic. In addition, she was included in the book of 1001 songs that you should hear before you die. Plus it is accompanied by fantastic visuals.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion - "Cruel Angel Thesis"

There is little to say here. It is still one of the most popular songs in Japanese karaoke bars. And you will learn the main motive from a thousand.

3. My Neighbor Totoro - "Tonari no Totoro (The Ending Song)"

Even if you've never seen Hayao Miyazaki's favorite children's movie, chances are you heard the ending theme. Full of fantasy, this is the perfect ending for a magical and lyrical animation masterpiece. It's no wonder children from all over the world sing it.

2. Akira - Kaneda

To date, virtually every piece of Akira has been parodied and endlessly reworked into thousands of anime and dystopian science fiction stories that have inherited his ideas. But there is one thing that no one can copy. This is the moment when, two minutes later, the scene begins when we are shown the scene of the chase of the Kaneda gang accompanied by fantastic music.

Everything: visuals and music, and effects - not attachable.

1.Cowboy Bebop - "Tank!"

"Okay, 3 2 1 Let's Jam ..." and your skin gets goose bumps as you hear arguably the most powerful and fantastic anime opening that is beautiful in everything. He set the bar hard to reach, and his delightful bebop composition made Yoko Kanno popular even overseas.

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