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Webmoney purse replenishment. Review of popular methods


Before you can fully use all the features of the Webmoney payment system, you first need to deposit the required amount of funds into your account. This can be done in many different ways - anyone will find the most acceptable and economical from the list below.

Payment terminals

This method is perhaps one of the most accessible. To top up, you need to go to any terminal that accepts money for the Webmoney system, and then enter your wallet number and the desired amount. Each payment acceptance system has its own conditions for the time of delivery of funds, as well as its own commissions.

For example, OSMP terminals do not charge a transfer fee, but Webmoney's commission in this case will be equal to 2% of the amount , and the money delivery time will be 24 hours. Some networks deposit money into an account almost instantly. Therefore, if you have a choice, first find out the best transfer terms.


This method is also very convenient. Its advantage lies in the instant replenishment of your wallet through the system's website or the WM Keeper Classic application. The card seller's commission is not constant, it varies depending on the agent's requests, but on average is 5% of the amount. The disadvantage is that these maps are most common in large cities, and in the periphery they are almost impossible to find.

After purchasing a card, run the executable file WebMoney Keeper Classic and in the section with purses click the " Top up " button. The " Wallet Top-up" window will be displayed. In the column of the list "Replenishment method" select a WM-card, then enter the card details and click the "Next" button. Follow the program prompts, the money will be credited to your account immediately.

Postal order

This method is interesting for those who live in the depths of our vast Motherland. Due to the fact that there are an impressive number of post offices in USA and the CIS countries, the postal order has its positive aspects. The only limitation in this case of payment is that the branch must be able to transfer electronically. Of course, over time, this problem will be solved, and this service will become available from any locality.

Replenishment of the wallet through the post office will be carried out the next day after the deposit of funds. The mail will take 3% for this, but not less than 7 rubles. WebMoney - 1% .

In principle, this is normal. To transfer money via mail, of course, you can manually fill in the form, but this is very tedious. It's easier to do it differently. Launch the WebMoney Keeper Classic program and in the " Wallets " tab, click the " Top up " button. The window "Wallet replenishment" will be displayed.

In the list box " Deposit method " find the item " Other deposit methods " and click on the " Next " button. In the window that opens, select "Via mail, postal order". You will see the familiar window where you need to select the " Login " button. In the menu that appears, select the wallet that you want to replenish, and also enter the transfer amount corresponding to your request. Then you just have to click the " Order " button. An application for a securities sale agreement will be displayed on the screen. Here you will need to approve it by clicking the " Agree " button. As a result, you will receive a completed postal order form, which will need to be printed on a printer and taken to the nearest post office. Everyone!

As you can see, this payment method is convenient, especially for those who do not have access to more attractive (and which are not in the outback) money transfer schemes.

Bank Transfer

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the above methods of replenishing your wallet, or you want to transfer money through the accounting department from your place of work, then you may be interested in bank transfer. The Webmoney system divides all bank transfers into three groups:

  • Through Sberbank, where payment will be accepted absolutely in any branch (and they are in any regional center and not only), Webmoney commission - 2% , bank commission - 3%. The time for money delivery from the cashier window to your wallet will be 3-7 banking days (note that if you send a payment on Friday, it will not come on Monday, but only on Wednesday);
  • Via Raiffeinsenbank branches - payments can be made only in B branch branches. The commission will be only 2.5% , the term for payments will be from 3 to 24 hours;
  • Through other commercial banks. Here, each bank sets its own percentage for the provision of the service, the Webmoney commission is 5% , and the payment passage time is from 2 to 3 banking days .

If you are satisfied with one of these methods of replenishing your wallets, then follow the steps that you did in the previous example about postal order. But when a selection list opens for the appropriate deposit option, you must specify " Bank Transfer ". As a result, you will receive a completed bank transfer form, with which you just have to go to the financial institution of your choice and pay for it.

"Contact" system

The Contact system has a wide network of its points throughout USA, therefore it is one of the fastest options for crediting money to electronic accounts. You can choose any of the nearest branches of the Agent's Bank and make a payment, which will take from 3 to 24 hours.

The commission will be only 2% . So that you do not have any difficulties in filling out the form, the Webmoney system can do it for you. To do this, you need to follow all the steps that were described in the section about postal payment, but in the list of choosing the appropriate method of replenishing your wallet, you should specify the Contact system.

Receiving funds

Transfer from other users can also somehow be attributed to the topic of replenishing the wallet. To receive money from other members, discard the desired wallet number to the sender or use the billing function.

To tell your debtor to pay, go to the menu " Issue an invoice in WebMoney Keeper Classic ". The " Issue invoice " dialog box will open. Here you must fill in the " To (WMID) " field. If you want to check the information about the entered identifier, click on this inscription - then you will receive all the available data about the requested object. In the combo box " For wallet " select the wallet to which you want to receive money, and in the field " Amount " the required amount. The " Note " field is used to enter any message to the addressee.

If you would like to enter details of the transaction, such as shipping addresses, account numbers, account expiration dates, and whether to allow protected payment, select the appropriate checkbox. Then press the " Next" key. The account will be generated. Now you just have to wait for your debtor to confirm the received invoice. After that, the amount you specified in the account will replenish your wallet balance.

Other ways to fund your wallet

Above, we have listed only the most basic methods of crediting funds to your e-wallet. In reality, there are many more. This includes payment through regional dealers, and with the help of numerous WM-exchange offices, through Gazprombank ATMs and others. If you are interested in these "exotic" payment methods, you can familiarize yourself with them on the system's website.

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