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We withdraw Yandex. Money from an ATM without a card


The ability to withdraw money from Raiffeisenbank ATMs without a plastic card is now available to owners of Yandex.Money wallets. You can withdraw cash using an 8-digit code.

How to get the code

To access the new function, the client of the system should go to the section "Cash withdrawal from an ATM without a card" on the website of the Yandex.Money system. In the relevant paragraph, the amount of money required should be indicated, which should not exceed 5 thousand rubles. After that, a one-time SMS password will be sent to the mobile device, which should be entered in the appropriate field. The service will respond to the user's action by issuing a one-time 8-digit number for cash withdrawal. The same number will be sent to the email linked to the account.

How to withdraw money

At a Raiffeisenbank ATM, select the menu item " Get cash without a card ". After that, enter the received 8-digit code in the appropriate field. The user's phone will receive an SMS with a pin code, which must also be entered into the ATM. After all this, you must enter the amount and receive the money. The service fee is 3 percent, but it cannot be less than 100 rubles.

Two-Factor Authentication

The security of the transaction is guaranteed by two-factor user authentication: the code for withdrawing money is visible only in the Yandex.Money service, and the password for receiving cash is received via an SMS message. If the attackers are able to intercept the SMS, they will not have a withdrawal code. Similar protection works in the opposite direction: a hacked account of the payment system will not allow withdrawing money without SMS on the phone.

What the experts think

To ensure security, the phone number must be attached to your Yandex.Money account for more than three days. Otherwise, the procedure will be prohibited. If the system user needs to get cash again in this way, he will have to repeat all the above steps.

According to experts, the technology is safer than the usual method of receiving cash, since the user does not use the card. This deprives attackers of the additional ability to read information from it using overlays and other devices.

Fees canceled

Since the end of April, the Yandex.Money service does not take commissions for transactions and cash out of its card in other systems and services. All holders of cards and identified accounts of the system can now withdraw monthly up to 10 thousand rubles in cash without commission . The service is available worldwide.

It should be said that you can also top up your account or card without commission fees:

  • via the Ya.Money mobile application (by another card) and using Apple Pay;
  • via the service website with another card (from 4 thousand rubles). With a smaller deposit, the commission will be 1 percent;

• via ATMs and terminals of Sberbank, as well as Sberbank-Online service

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