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WebMoney virtual wallet


In this article we will tell you about the WebMoney virtual wallet.

It's no secret that more and more modern projects "settle" in the virtual world of the Internet. Many shops, libraries, cinemas, playgrounds - all this can be visited on the Internet. However, it is not surprising that they all demand payment for their services and goods. What if you want to enjoy modern goods? The answer is simple - you need to create a virtual storage of honestly earned money, and it is not at all necessary to perform some super-complex operations of money "virtualization", they are not so difficult to earn. But that's a different story. Back to our finances.

Probably the most popular system for storing money, at least in Runet, is the virtual wallet WebMoney . There is no point in describing history and prospects. You can read all this on the official website of the service. Let's consider the basic rules for working with this system. Let's take a case that does not involve installing the program, but working directly through the browser.

First, on the website select the menu "Wallet " and click the button "Create account ".


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Author: Jake Pinkman