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How to shop safely online


It is no longer a secret that it is much more profitable to buy goods in online stores (especially foreign ones) than in any supermarkets and shopping centers, where the cost of renting an exhibition hall is also invested in the cost of products. payment for the work of the staff of sales consultants, etc.

But many people are still afraid of high technologies, preferring traditional purchases - they say, they are supposedly more reliable, and the network is full of crooks and deceivers.

Yes, one cannot but agree here, there are a lot of fraudsters on the network. But all those who adhere to the basic safety rules, which will be discussed below, have absolutely nothing to worry about.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers

1. Try to make purchases only on well-known and proven trading platforms where the risk of fraud is excluded.

The owners of such stores value their reputation, so they will not resist and refuse to return money if suddenly the product turns out to be defective. In addition, your personal information will not be shared with third parties.

2. Install the latest anti-virus software on your computer (or whatever device you prefer to connect to).

Many malicious programs are able to take screenshots of the screen or record keystrokes, respectively, when entering payment details or entering the EPS account, the login and password of the account can be intercepted by intruders. Antiviruses effectively deal with most of these threats.

3. Connect in the selected payment system or on the card with which you make payments, two-step authentication using your mobile phone.

If each of your transactions is confirmed by entering a code sent in the form of an SMS, fraudsters who have taken possession of the data will still be unable to do anything without physical access to your SIM card.

4. Keep track of what information you enter during payment.

For payment, you usually need to provide card details or pay an invoice in a payment system, and for delivery, indicate the address of residence and postal code. You do not need to enter any additional information. If they suddenly want to find out your TIN, this is a reason to be wary and stop working with such a suspicious resource.

5. If you have no desire to enter your credit card details into the forms on the site, you can always buy a gift card with a fixed balance.

It will not be tied to you in any way, moreover, you can immediately forget about its existence by successfully completing the scheduled payment.

6. Try not to make payments over an unsecured network.

Yes, many people cannot resist the temptation to use public Wi-Fi near a shopping center or a computer in a student library, and then they run out of money in their wallet.

7. Don't skimp on shipping.

Usually, online stores offer customers several delivery methods - by state mail, private and courier delivery from the retail network itself. It is clear that if the product is valuable, it is better to pay more and save yourself from anxiety. Otherwise, the goods may arrive damaged or not reach the addressee at all. Opening parcels with the subsequent substitution of their contents for a "weight" is by no means a rarity.

In conclusion, one of the most obvious rules that many people forget about. The buyer should always be careful. Very often, users who are in a hurry to spend money faster accidentally pay for the wrong product or indicate the wrong colors, sizes, and packaging. The result is logical - an unsuccessful attempt to exchange a purchase or return money. And all because of carelessness.

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Author: Jake Pinkman