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USAn plant has created smart carts to save time in stores


A USA company has created smart carts that are commonly used in supermarkets for shopping. The development is based on the RFID system and is an integral part of the "smart" store structure, the author of which is one of the enterprises within Rostec. The goods put into such a cart are immediately registered by a special system and get into the final receipt, which the buyer only has to pay for.

How it works

In fact, the smart cart replaces the supermarket employee. Thanks to special sensors, the checkout receives data on all the products that the customer has chosen. The development is equipped with a built-in weight measuring device, can scan barcodes and check excise stamps. As representatives of the state corporation explain, about 15% of the time in the store, a person spends standing in line to pay for their purchases. The new development is expected to help reduce the number of queues at retail outlets. Moreover, the Smart Store system will help staff keep an online inventory of stocks and analyze demand for a particular product.


The basis of the smart store is the RFID radio frequency identification system. As part of the technology, each product unit is equipped with radio tags. For racks and trolleys, special devices are provided for reading sensors. In this way, the information base of the store is constantly updated with data on the number of goods sold.

World Trade Automation

Other companies are developing similar projects. So, the Caper startup has created its smart carts with touch screens. Their design includes scales, sensors and video cameras for product recognition and automatic fixation. The display shows the entire list of purchases, which are then paid through a special terminal.

Often, the network players themselves are engaged in the automation of the trading process. For example, the Amazon retailer has created its own concept of fully automated Amazon Go stores. The first such smart store was opened in the American city of Seattle, where customers do not need any carts or baskets to select products, they only need to register on Amazon. The customer can put everything in a bag at once, while computer vision systems keep track of which products are selected and which ones went back to the shelf. The total purchase amount is debited from your Amazon account.


USA large companies are also trying to apply modern developments. Thus, the retail chain, X5 Retail Group, which manages the brands Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel, has created a special laboratory for experimenting with new technologies in trade. One of these projects was the study of the smart-shelf system, which allows tracking their occupancy and the correctness of the product display.

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