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How not to be mistaken when choosing a tablet


The average modern person passes a fairly large number of tablets, phones and other gadgets through his hands, only he is rarely 100% satisfied with his choice.

And this is because people usually do not think for a long time about which technological novelty they should buy, but make their choice in a hurry.

Below are the criteria to rely on when buying a tablet. If you take your time with the choice and take a closer look at them, using the new acquisition will become long and pleasant.

Tablet selection criteria

1. As for the tablet size - it should be from 10.1 inches. There is no sense in buying a smaller tablet, because at the moment there are a bunch of phones with a large display. And not only are they cheaper, but they will also have more functionality.

For example, the average smartphone has a much better camera than a similarly priced (or even in a neighboring price group) tablet.

2. Now let's move on to the financial part. More or less high-quality tablets cost from 10,000 rubles. You shouldn't even pay attention to cheaper models, even if they are more powerful.

The fact is that such copies are produced by little-known companies that are not famous for their quality. Here's a typical story. A man bought a tablet for 5,000 rubles and enjoyed the purchase until he began to blunt, namely, to hang up and not react to anything, even to pressing the lock button.

But the trouble does not come alone - later the USB port fell off. I had to take it apart. There were found flux residues in some areas of the board.

3. Now it's worth talking about the places where you shouldn't take tablets. These are stores such as CSN, Eldorado and others, where they usually also sell household appliances. All this is due to the fact that in such places there is quite a small selection. Tablets should be taken at points of sale of phones (for example, stores like Svyaznoy or Allo).

But the most ideal option is online shopping. Their prices are much more democratic, because the owners do not need to spend money on a large staff of staff, renting a showroom for goods, etc.

In addition, they have the widest choice - you can go to the site and look for a suitable model, having familiarized yourself with all its parameters.

4. Now let's move on to the characteristics. If you do not understand this, then read the reviews, look at the reviews on several trusted sources, do not be too lazy to register on a specialized forum and ask a question about a specific model. Here are some tips about features:

  • The minimum amount of RAM should not be less than 2 gigabytes , otherwise you can get terrible "brakes" in loading applications and sites. Long gone are the days when 1 gigabyte of RAM or even 512 megabytes was enough for everyday tasks.
  • Amount of memory. There is one rule here - the more, the better. Many people have several tens of gigabytes of music in their collection alone, and there are still various films and videos, applications and games. Of course, if you need a tablet for highly specialized tasks, and not as a multimedia station, then you can save money. There is also such an option - a small amount of internal memory, but the present possibility to expand it with a microSD card.
  • Screen resolution must be at least 1280x720. This is a modern standard that guarantees high-quality and detailed pictures. There are, of course, options with FullHD resolution (and there are more and more of them), but for a completely compact device, ordinary HD is enough for the eyes.
  • As far as the processor is concerned, it should be chosen with care. This is the most important element that will affect the speed of your device and the integrity of your nerves.

There are many processors, but it is important for the user to know one thing - that it should be at least 4-core and have a good frequency (from 1.3 gigahertz and higher by modern standards).

The bottom line

In principle, an analysis of all the above factors should be enough to choose a high-quality device for an affordable price. Choose a tablet, and any other product too, relying only on your own knowledge and recommendations of people you trust.

And in any case, do not listen to sales consultants. Their task is not to help the client, but to sell the goods lying on the shelf. They will embellish the real state of affairs, emphasizing the advantages of the gadget and hushing up its shortcomings. Be careful!

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Author: Jake Pinkman