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Mini TOP. 3 good full-length anime


There is an anime that everyone knows about. There is an anime that only otaku watches. And there are just good titles, which, due to lack of publicity, someone saw, and someone did not. It happens, after all, that a person can revise dozens of TV series, but miss one or another cool picture. Today we will talk about such cool full-length anime in our mini top.

Redline (2009)

One of the main complaints about anime is its static and sometimes cheap picture. At the same time, there are legends about the combat staging in some anime. And there are titles that often rush into the heat and then into the cold, and in them a gorgeous action and staging are interrupted by shots with a cheap picture.

Therefore, when a full-length picture appears, which from start to finish remains high-quality and dynamic, it is always impressive. And one of the best examples is Redline. In the story, the Redline is a cool illegal race in which racers from all over the galaxy participate. If we talk about the story, then it has everything that is needed for a good picture - an honest, disposing main character, political intrigue, a love line, a thoughtful lore, other written characters are one more beautiful than the other, but the main thing in the anime is the insanely chic visual.

Anime was drawn by hand for almost seven fucking years! The parents of this project are studio Madhouse and director Takeshi Koike, who has previously worked on projects that included impressive animation, such as Afrosamurai, an episode of the Mad Record animatress or Lupine III: Blood of Goemon Ishikawa.

Mini TOP. Best full-length anime

Everything in the picture captivates, from the design of creatures and characters, their natural animation with an unnatural appearance for some, the use of black and a special style of drawing. And what, in my opinion, most of all, reflects all the coolness of the picture is how the animators conveyed the sense of speed.

This is the case when the classic animation was chosen just perfect for building a piece. But Redline also has a minus. In the middle of the picture, the plot sags a little and may seem drawn out. What we are shown in the middle is interesting, but pales in comparison to the beginning and the end. Well, not all at once. Even so, Redline is a must-see.

Memories: Memories of the Future (1995)

In our material about the creative path of Satoshi Kon, we said that he helped director Katsuhiro Otomo in the creation of this anime. Memories is an almanac of three pictures 45 minutes long. Each of them had its own director, but they were all filmed based on the Otomo manga and under his strict control. The paintings are completely different in their mood and style, but at the same time addictive.

The first film Magnetic Rose was directed by Cohn. She talks about space scavengers who receive an SOS signal from a large, old ship. Inside, they are captured by the memories of a dead opera singer. The picture is staged in the best traditions of psychological thrillers, where the boundaries of perception of reality and illusion are erased. Traditionally, it is this picture that is equated with the best anime works separately from the rest of the almanac. But that doesn't mean they are worse.

The second scene "Stinky Bomb" is a pure black comedy, with a very direct plot about the development of weapons of mass destruction. A worker in the laboratory where this weapon is being developed, Nabou Tanaka takes experimental pills that, according to the idea, should help him cure the flu. They react with the elements of his vaccination, and he loses consciousness. Nabo wakes up in the office and realizes that everyone around him is dead because of the smell he gives off. As it turned out, these pills turned him into a weapon of mass destruction, which emits a deadly toxic smell for kilometers.

Laughter is a laugh, but the story is based on a real case of the so-called Toxic Lady. A girl named Gloria Ramirez was admitted to intensive care. While being rescued, the nurses noticed that she exuded a strange odor and began to faint. As a result, everyone who contacted her and her blood ended up in the hospital. It is still unclear what it was. Some people claim it is caused by the bad combination of cancer drugs she was taking, and some are screaming about chemical weapons.

Mini TOP. 3 good full-length anime

And the third part of the almanac "Cannon fodder" - fully directed by Otomo. In this dystopian picture, we are shown the world of militarization, where people fight every day with an unknown enemy. In the local city, all life revolves around shooting from giant artillery cannons. We are shown one family that is involved in this endless war. One day the boy asks his father what is the meaning of all this war, to which he thoughtfully replies: “you are not ready to understand this yet.”

The city has an oppressive atmosphere, everything is gray, covered with ash and smog, people are terrible and embittered, tired of the eternal war. An unusual style adds zest. The anime uses a cool trick - it is drawn in such a way as if the picture was taken in one frame.

The entire almanac is worth watching, or at least "Magnetic Rose".

Akira (1988)

I decided to take a chance and still talk about the most famous work of Katsuhiro Otomo "Akira", because I am sure that this is the anime that everyone will like. Even people who don't like Japanese animation.

The plot of the anime takes place in the future in Neo-Tokyo. The city was rebuilt after a nuclear strike during World War III 31 years ago. Outwardly, it resembles the entourage of a metropolis from Blade Runner.

In Neo-Tokyo, life is unstable. The people constantly criticize the authorities, every day there are clashes between people and the police on the streets, and the state tries to control them like a fascist machine.

The main character of the anime Kaneda is a reflection of all social problems of Japan, from banditry to immorality. He is the leader of a gang of bikers who arrange rout for the sake of rout at night. One such night, his friend Tetsuo gets into an accident due to a strange person with paranormal abilities, the military suddenly appears, Tetsuo is taken away, and the rest of the gang is knitted.

After that, a twisted plot begins about political opposition, war and a secret development called Akira, which was the cause of the Third World War and promises another apocalypse. Kaneda will have to figure it out. At this time, Tetsuo comes to his senses and discovers tremendous powers, accompanied by a hellish headache. As a result, the plot will bring Kaneda and Tetsuo as two opponents.

Mini TOP. Best full-length anime

The main character, who is not a hero at all, also captivates. He is a young cynic and sociopath who does not hesitate to kill, acting only out of personal interest. But he remains a very funny and interesting character that is well written.

In general, everything in the anime is top-notch and must-see.

This was our mini top of a good anime.

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Author: Jake Pinkman