Xbox Series S, Google remains neutral in conflict between Epic and Apple, Shenmue anime - gaming news digest # 2.09. Part one (Topic)

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Xbox Series S, Google remains neutral in conflict between Epic and Apple, Shenmue anime - gaming news digest # 2.09. Part one


We'll also tell you: Doom launched on a pregnancy test, Postal spin-off about Dude in a mental hospital, add-on for Left 4 Dead 2, details about heroes in Gotham Knights.

Microsoft announced Xbox Series S

Microsoft pulled long and tediously, but nevertheless presented us with its budget version of the new generation Xbox Series S. It all happened thanks to the leaking of information and a trailer for the younger version of the console. One of those who is responsible for this, justified himself saying: the meaning of something is already hidden once everyone and so everything is clear.

Microsoft reacted to the leak with a Monkey Puppet meme, which confirmed the release of the Xbox Series S. Later, they published a full-fledged tweet with the announcement. Console specs were also revealed in the leak:

  • Next Gene Level Performance
  • Internal 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Frame rate 120fps at 1440p
  • Support for 4K video and upscaling
  • The console will support ray tracing
  • XSS is the smallest console in the company and 60% smaller than XSX

Google does not want to be embroiled in a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games

During the conflict between Apple and Epic Games, Google also did not stand aside, as it also received a lawsuit from epics for removing Fortnite from Google Play.


Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who is handling this case, is considering bringing Google to it. To this, they sent a letter to the court, where they spoke out against, since it makes no sense to drag them into this scuffle, because there are enough differences between Google and Apple, which may cause conflicting results. Google and Apple use different business models and policies for their competing ecosystems.

The key difference is that iOS apps can only be downloaded from the App Store, while Android apps are available in many stores, including Google Play.

Anime adaptation to be released by Shenmue

We may never see the end of Ryo Hazuki's story in the Shenmue video games, given the evaluations of the latter [which came out with great difficulty 20 years after the sequel] and the venerable age of the main developer. However, we will have a chance to see her in an anime as Crunchyroll and Adult Swim have announced a Shenmue anime.


In the description of the plot, it is said that Ryo Hazuki witnesses the murder of his father, after which he sets off in search of the killer, exploring the streets of his hometown small town of Yokosuka, Hong Kong and beyond. Soon he learns that a criminal syndicate and mystical forces are involved in the murder, after which Ryo decides to become a martial artist by all means and take revenge.

The anime completely repeats the plot of the game, but as mentioned earlier, since the game is not finished, it is unclear how the further plot will look in the anime. It is being created by Telecom Animation Film, best known for the film adaptation of the recent Tower of God manhwa. Yu Suzuki, author of the original Shenmue, acts as a producer.

No release date yet, but it will be a worldwide release.

Doom launched on pregnancy test

There is a rule: if something has a screen, Bethesda will release a port of Skyrim on it, and the great minds of the Internet will launch the first Doom on it. The latter, however, never cease to amaze with their ability to experiment. So, Doom was launched on a modified pregnancy test.

An engineer foone took up this business, who began by proving that an electronic pregnancy test is no better than a regular one with strips. But he went further and connected a board with a microcontroller to the test, and also inserted a monochrome screen with a resolution of 128x32 into it.

This made it possible to do just crazy things, for example, to run the Never Gonna Give You Up clip on the test or the opening scene from Skyrim. See all the wonders of what this pregnancy test is capable of [sorry it sounds like an advertisement, we didn't mean it] here on foone's twitter.

Doom became the cherry on this cake of absurdity. Initially, the engineer just launched it as a video, but later connected more powerful hardware and a bluetooth keyboard, which gave him the ability to launch Doom, based on the Chocolate Doom build.

Ahead of your skepticism, yes - there is nothing left of the original iron in the test, but the very realization that all this is functioning in the body of a pregnancy test is worthy of a lot.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged spin-off about The Dude Who Got Worse

Postal has never been a good shooter, but rather always focused on frenzy. However, this is intended to fix his POSTAL: Brain Damaged spin-off. The developers jokingly call their creation a boomer shooter, as it is styled after 90s shooters.

Dude's peculiar way of life drove him crazy, and he ended up in a mental hospital. There, an evil nurse stuffed him with drugs that aggravated the situation, and now he is forced to fight his way to his freedom.

The game is no longer a sandbox and for all the precepts of the genre contains linear levels, where there was a place for secrets and power-ups. But on the spot there will be black humor and abundant violence characteristic of the series.

Developed by Hyperstrange and CreativeForge Games. The former was responsible for the release of the slasher film Elderborn, while the latter was responsible for the western hard West. The developers of the original Postal, Running With Scissors series of games themselves will publish the game.

Second teaser for The Last Land - add-ons for Left 4 Dead 2

Valve showed us a teaser for The Last Land expansion last week. Now we are presented with the second teaser, in which a little more specifics regarding its content have appeared.

The Last Stand expansion is based on a map that appeared in the first game of the same name from the Survival mode. It will be a full-fledged complementary company. But besides that, the DLC will have a few more features that a large team of fans of the game worked on. More details will be provided later.

Speaking of frequency, The Last Stand is just a fan addon that, with Valve's permission, has become canon, and apparently something really interesting is waiting for us.

Hero Pick and Living City - New Details for Gotham Knights

A conversation with Gotham Knights Creative Director Patrick Redding on the PlayStation Blog revealed some interesting details about his studio's next game.

ImageYou are free to play the game with the character you want. Each of the four heroes has their own skill tree.

  • Each has a unique fighting style. Robin prefers to fight in stealth, applying certain effects to enemies. Nightwing uses acrobatics in battle, Red Hood fights in hand-to-hand combat and uses firearms, and Batgirl uses precision strikes and weapon hacking.
  • The city, unlike past games in the Arkham series, is alive. Its locals walk the streets to work and get stuck in traffic jams. Gotham itself is divided into five parts.
  • The confrontation with one villain will stretch over several nights, when you will have to make various attacks and carry out detective work.

The game will be released next year on PC and consoles of the outgoing and next generation.

These were all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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