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What can surprise the Motorola Moto G8 smartphone


The main difference between Motorola and its competitors is the modest number of new products that appear on sale every month. She does not have models of the same type, most of them differ in atypical design and the presence of the necessary characteristics. The company recently introduced another device, which we will discuss in more detail.

Different from others

Smartphone Moto G8 has a large glossy panel, which gives it a touch of originality, but at the same time increases the possibility of the device slipping out of the hands. Therefore, it is better to immediately place the device in the case, especially since it is included in the package.

The presence of the manufacturer's logo (built into the fingerprint scanner) and a picture under a layer of transparent varnish gives some uniqueness to the smartphone.


The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate. Those interested can additionally use the face recognition function. There is also an audio jack and a hybrid slot for two SIM cards and a memory card.

Many will like the vibration feedback that the device is equipped with. The intensity and level of vibration is changed using several sensors installed in different parts of the screen.

Expensive Apple and top-end Samsung models are equipped with something similar, but in this segment, such functionality is rare.

Unpretentious screen

Moto G8 received a simple IPS panel with a diagonal of 6.4 inches and a resolution of 1560x720 pixels. On closer examination, it is easy to notice the presence of grain. Such a minus will not be fatal for most users, but some fussy people may not like this.

Another drawback of the model is the lack of display brightness. When operating the device on a sunny day, the maximum brightness settings may not be enough.

The advantage of the device is the presence of an oleophobic coating on the display. There is also a function that is analogous to Always-on-Display. If you move your hand over the screen, the time and missed events light up.

Processor and Games

The Motorola Moto G8 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor with 4GB of RAM. The chipset has good performance. At the same time, even under conditions of maximum load, it does not get very hot.

64 GB of internal memory is available for storing programs, applications and files of interest to the user. This is not very much, but it is possible to expand this volume to large values by installing a microSD card.

Applications here start quickly, switching between them and programs is quick. There are no lags or freezes. This is due to the manufacturer, which uses pure Android 10 OS with a minimum of its own add-ons.


You can quickly turn on the flashlight or camera using gestures, in order to take a screenshot, just put three fingers on the screen. There is a game mode that allows you to turn off all notifications for a while. Many will love the Attentive Display mode, which keeps the screen from blanking out while the user is looking at it.

The smartphone does not provide for the installation of an NFC module, but the games run without problems. Hits such as PUBG and World of Tanks start automatically at medium graphics settings and run without significant fps drops.

Mid-Range Cameras

The main camera module consists of three sensors. The main sensor has a 16 megapixel asset. It is complemented by an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens and a 2MP macro lens. The front camera received a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Generally speaking, the Moto G8's photo capabilities are average. In good lighting conditions, decent shots are obtained, when visibility deteriorates, clarity decreases, some details merge.

There is no night mode here. There is also no AI functionality. But there is Google Lens technology that allows you to recognize objects in the lens.

The Moto G8 is capable of 4K video recording, but stabilization only works in 1080p at 30 fps. The videos have good quality and decent color reproduction.

Good autonomy

The device received a 4000 mAh battery. Together with an energy-efficient American processor and a low-resolution IPS-matrix, this contributes to sufficient autonomy. Moto G8 is capable of functioning for two days in a mixed mode, when working in social networks, instant messengers, calls and listening to music via a Bluetooth headset alternates.


The testers tested the device's capabilities by scrolling the video at an average backlight brightness. The power-to-weight ratio of the battery lasted for 17 hours.

During the game, on average, approximately 12% of the charge is consumed per hour.

It's bad that fast charging support is not provided. The included adapter can charge the device in two hours. Now this is almost an anachronism.


Motorola Moto G8 for its price category (its cost is about 14,000 rubles) turned out to be a decent device. He has an original and laconic design, good equipment. The undoubted advantages of the model are the presence of a productive processor and high autonomy. He would still have an NFC block, and no one would have noticed the other shortcomings due to the low cost of the device.

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Author: Jake Pinkman