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Curious Avengers: Infinity War Rumors


This motion picture is set to break all box office records and conquer the Marvel Cinematic Universe at breathtaking heights. A lot of rumors circulate around the film - what new characters will appear, how the film will affect the entire cinematic universe of the company.

A promising new hero may appear in the film

Not so long ago, the directors of the motion picture teased the audience, saying that a new name would appear in the team of heroes.

Infinity War Rumors

Who is this new hero? The most obvious and widely held belief is Captain Marvel . The actress, according to director Joe Russo, received a great costume in the film. But Disney says the character won't be in the movie.

The film's budget is amazing in its size

Everyone knows that no Marvel movie has been cheap, and Avengers: Infinity War is no exception, as it features many stars and international locations. But even with that said, fans will be amazed at the blockbuster's massive budget.

Infinity War Rumors

According to the latest information, the amount of $ 1 billion will be divided between two films - between the film "Avengers: Infinity War" and the next film, which will begin filming a year later. That is, the budget for each film will be about $ 500 million.

Bucky Barnes can come back

In the film, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers will jointly fight against Thanos. Bucky Barnes will also participate in the decisive battle. In the first trailer for the film, we see the Winter Soldier on the side of Wakanda.

Infinity War Rumors

Bucky has an arm, maybe the design department made him a cybernetic prosthesis. For this, they probably used the strongest of the materials - vibranium.

The Valkyrie may appear in the movie

New shots from the filming of the film give rise to further reflection. The role of the Valkyrie will be played by Tessa Thompson. Fans of the blockbuster have already taken a selfie with her.

Infinity War Rumors

The cast will be replenished

Peter Dinklage, according to some fans, will play the role of Eitri - the blacksmith who made the Infinity Stones, because of which all events unfolded.

Infinity War Rumors

Other fans believe that the actor will play the alien Troll Pip, who is involved in the adventures of the Infinity Glove artifact, which has concentrated the power of the Stones. Actress Eva Green, according to fans, will appear in the form of Mistress of Death, who is an entity from outer space. Thanos himself is not indifferent to her.

The role is very significant and very controversial. I wonder how everything will actually be, which of the fans will be right.

Which of your favorite characters will you have to say goodbye to?

When deciding to film a lot of comics, both producers and directors understood that some of the characters, even those beloved by the audience, would have to say goodbye.

Infinity War Rumors

But for a true superhero, death in battle against the world's greatest threat is the best thing that can happen. Iron Man comes to mind first. After all, Robert Downey Jr. has repeatedly stated that it is time for him to say goodbye to Ironman.

Tony Stark is a very vulnerable character, so it is easy to sacrifice him. His death will add drama to the blockbuster. Steve Roger can be seen as the second candidate for relegation. Captain America has already passed his rank on to others.

Who will stop Thanos?

Fans of the film suggest that Thanos' adopted daughter Nebula will play a significant role in this. This conclusion suggests itself after the words of actress Karen Gillian that the family will be an important component of the motion picture. Viewers will see how terrible and difficult the disagreement with their father will be.

Infinity War Rumors

And although it was said about another film, but the events can be projected on "Avengers: Infinity War". We can assume that in the blockbuster Nebula will have to save the Universe.

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