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Main arguments for and against watching Avengers: Infinity War


Each of the superhero films has no problem finding its fans, blowing up the box office and basking in rave reviews from film critics. But this time things are much more serious.

The story was divided by the creators into 2 parts, the first of them - "Avengers: Infinity War" will be released very soon, and the second will appear in a year. During this time, the viewer will miss his favorite superheroes.

Arguments for Watching Infinity War


This is the largest movie in the Avengers universe , it will have a lot of action. You will find many scenes of gunfights, fights between heroes, chases, explosions.


After watching the trailer, it was clear that you need to wait for something truly grandiose, which was not previously seen in any motion picture. The blockbuster features a record number of popular actors - 30 people, and there will also be many supporting characters.

Next Level Super Villain

Thanos , played by Josh Brolin, is the main antagonist and supervillain.


He is very intriguing to the viewer, in the film he will receive a lot of attention. After all, Thanos is very strong, and having collected the Infinity Stones, he will become very powerful. If only nobody bothers him.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy are favorite characters for many fans.


In the new blockbuster, they will finally arrive on Earth, and it will be just an unforgettable event. You need to rely on the sense of humor and experience of the filmmakers.

The plot can be quite nothing

Avengers: Infinity War will surprise and delight fans with its storyline . For a long time, there have been discussions about who will survive in the blockbuster and which superhero will die heroically.


Therefore, it is possible, if in the end the hero who was not even discussed dies. Unexpected plot twists are definitely something amazing.

X-Men in Marvel Movie

Marvel movie fans know full well that the Fantastic Four, X-Men and many other heroes are part of the cinematic universe.


Perhaps the directors have prepared a few surprises that no one even knows about. For example, Wolverine will appear in a blockbuster.

Arguments Against Watching Infinity War

Hero Vinaigrette

The blockbuster will bring together almost all the characters. It's great that the amount of action will be maximum, but I would like to enjoy a really cool story.


Doubt creeps in that the supporting characters will not have enough time to fully realize their role. This can negatively affect the quality of the movie.

The plot can pump

The main problem of superhero films is the minimum of narrative creativity .


Usually they shoot a cool fight in the film, then they talk a lot, the plot unfolds slowly and boringly, in the middle of the blockbuster again a cool fight, then again they talk a lot, defeat the supervillain and show the happy ending of the film. Hopefully, this part will be different.

Too high hopes

High expectations are placed on the motion picture . Millions of fans have carefully watched the trailer, their emotions are going through the roof. Fans are waiting for the premiere of a very cool movie. But in reality, the film may not like something, and a flurry of criticism will pour in.


Everything needs to be approached soberly, because if you subconsciously tune in that everything will be mega cool, and then you don't like something, and it already seems that everything is not so in the motion picture. In modern cinema, this situation is very often repeated, and there are many examples of this.

Of course, there are more arguments in favor of watching the movie, and this is certainly encouraging. After all, "Avengers: Infinity War" is one of the most anticipated movie premieres, and the creators of the blockbuster only add intrigue by publishing various arts and trailers.

By the way, all these cool neon art is drawn by one artist aniketjatav and posted on Instagram with a howl.

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