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Critics delight in Infinity War


The expectations of fans from the film are greater than ever before, and judging by the critical reviews from the blockbuster premiere, they are quite justified.

This is a massive motion picture, the creators of which successfully juggle a large number of characters. They talk about the film in enthusiastic tones, many call the film a masterpiece, characterize it as a stunningly emotional, humorous, bright and driving story.

Unprecedented scale for the Avengers franchise

Fans discuss the unprecedented scope of the action, many great scenes with humor, a great ending. There is irony in the blockbuster, but such scenes only tease fans and then break their hearts. They say that the creators in the film further increase fear, gloom and create tension, but still the plot of the picture is very funny and damn exciting.


Journalist Eric Eisenberg ( CinemaBlend ) wrote that this movie is something. The audience sat lifeless in the hall. The blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War had impressive moments, stunning aftermath, amazing hero interconnections, and other overwhelming surprises.

Perry Nemiroff ( Collider ) believes that after a decade of investing in heroes and the entire Avengers series, this blockbuster is simply knocking down.

Joshua Yele, IGN author , said that the motion picture makes you cry, scream and crumple throughout the entire viewing time. The journalist was present at the premiere, and when the end credits went, he was sitting in the audience crying, dazed and speechless.

Is Thanos the best villain?

Many viewers who watched the blockbuster say that Thanos is the best antagonist of all previously presented in the cinematic universe. He mercilessly destroys everything around him. The film emotionally squeezes you out for 2.5 hours, without the opportunity to catch your breath and rest a little. In the finale, the viewer is simply destroyed by finishing off the scene after the credits.


All these emotions can be explained by the fact that for 10 years fans of the stories about the MCU were prepared for the confrontation with the Mad Titan, the audience was introduced to the characters, fell in love and attached to them. Blockbuster is the culmination of this long history of building the world of the MCU and the development of its heroes. Superheroes appeared together in films, each had its own story, and the fans became more and more attached to them from year to year.

Good bug fixing

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has also been constantly improving, the company has taken into account criticism and invited talented specialists to work on films. The blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" is the peak of development of the film studio, it is a perfect creation, precisely calibrated, flawlessly staged and beautifully shot. But they did not expect anything else from the picture, because the fans grew up along with the filmed stories, so they are ready for any shocks.


Some problem is the excessive tilt of the plot in a dark direction. The most difficult thing after watching is that the second film will only be available in a year. It remains to be hoped that superheroes will appear in it and the thickened darkness will dissipate, and the studio will cancel many things that happened in the first part of the dilogy. After all, this is a cinematic universe, run by Disney, and therefore nothing dramatic should happen to popular characters.

The directors Russo brothers did the impossible this time. Their creation is just great, screen time is divided between groups of characters. The film naturally brings together dozens of disparate characters and their stories.

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Author: Jake Pinkman