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The end is near. Infinity War Trailer

Image After ten years of active construction, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is approaching a climax: first, Infinity War will go to the screens, and then the fourth Avengers, in which all Marvel superheroes will unite to fight a common powerful enemy - Thanos.

The plot details of Infinity War were kept secret for a long time, but a new trailer for the film sheds light on what to expect from the largest superhero gathering in the history of cinema. However, no matter how many good guys are gathered in the picture of Joe and Anthony Russo, few of them understand what Thanos wants to achieve. Fortunately, Gamora comes to the aid of the brothers in arms, reminding how dangerous her adoptive father is and what his true plans are.

In Infinity War, Thanos, along with his henchmen, will go in search of the infinity stones that will help him change reality at his own behest, and only the Avengers can stop the villain. It is noteworthy that the decisive confrontation should take place in Wakanda, which the audience got acquainted with only recently thanks to "Black Panther".

Avengers: Infinity War
Dubbed Trailer

USA moviegoers will be able to see all the Marvel superheroes in one film already on May 3.

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