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These 4 professions robots will take away from humans


Our future is work automation and the widespread adoption of robotic assistants. Today, people entrust machines with dangerous tasks and those that require great physical strength. In the future, when robots grow wiser, they will be able to do other jobs.

By the way technology is developing today, it is easy to guess what the future awaits us. Much of the work that humans do today will soon be given to robots and artificial intelligence. Of course, this will not happen overnight or even in ten years. The number of cars in our life will increase gradually. But it is better to know in advance what jobs they will take in order to have time to retrain and remain the right employee.

Commerce Employees

The food market is undergoing great changes. Large companies are already replacing some of their employees with robots. The most striking example of a trend is the Amazon Go supermarket chain. According to the company, our future is stores without sellers and cashiers. Soon the innovation will be implemented in another large food chain - Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired last year.

In the American city of Phoenix, one of the McDonald's cafes is almost entirely controlled by robots. The machines accept and issue orders, and their work is monitored by several live employees. Labor automation is not only convenient. It is also a way to cut costs, because the machines work accurately, are not distracted and do not require a raise.


Taxi drivers

Young taxi drivers today need to think about what they are going to do in 10-15 years. It is also not worth counting on a permanent job as a deliveryman of goods. While Uber and Lyft have no other option but to hire people, drone development is well under way. After the introduction of autonomous public transport, bus drivers will go on a well-deserved rest.



You won't have to leave the precious baby in the care of some nanny found by the ad in the future. A home robotic assistant will be able to look after the little man, entertain him and, if necessary, contact his parents. In 2008, the Japanese company Tmusk presented a robot nanny to the public. It is capable of performing simple commands, displaying photos, launching games and videos on the screen. One of the first models is in the Aeon supermarket in Tokyo and entertains young Japanese people while their parents go shopping. See the pace at which voice assistants are evolving. The emergence of humanoid androids capable of full-fledged communication is just around the corner.



Spacewalks have claimed the lives of many brave astronauts. It would be dangerous and unwise to send human resources to build colonies on other planets. Therefore, robots will be the first to visit remote corners of the solar system. NASA already has a suitable candidate - a humanoid Robonaut. True, it only half resembles a person: it consists of a head, a torso and two arms. The robot has no legs. Until 2014, he helped with daily work at the orbital station: carried cargo, carried out video filming and repairs. In 2014, an attempt was made to add lower limbs to the Robonaut, but the astronauts did not have the experience to carry out such work, and the device failed.


The station did not have the necessary tools to fix it, and the robot has spent the last three years idle. Now the question of his return to Earth and an upgrade is being decided. It is assumed that the updated Robonaut will be used to colonize the Moon, and its actions will be controlled from Earth or the ISS.

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