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A cafe with robotic waiters opened in Japan


Human labor has been gradually replaced by machines for several centuries. Robots do not complain of fatigue, do not require higher wages and are always in a good mood. It is very difficult to surprise a modern person.

But the owners of one Tokyo cafe decided to go for a bold experiment. They not only decided to use the technologies of the future, but also to create jobs for people with disabilities. Now the catering establishment employs robots controlled by people with disabilities.

OriHime-D robotic technology is entrusted to serve the visitors of the cafe. The height of each robot barely exceeds 120 cm, and the weight of the specimen is about 20 kg. Ordinary people are in charge of managing unusual waiters. To do this, they use tablets or computers. Each robot has built-in microphones and cameras, there is an eye control function, due to which people with a diagnosis of amyotrophic sclerosis can use them without any problems. The developers are confident that, using the example of this cafe, people will understand that people with disabilities need help, because it is not easy for them to find their usual job.

The doors of the cafe with robotic waiters will open for just 2 weeks on November 26. The robotics company informs that it plans to "employ" such employees for a permanent place in the cafe ahead of the Paralympic Games, which are scheduled for 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman