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Apple accidentally leaked information about a new device


Apple has allowed information about its new device to be leaked to the public. These are AirTag - Apple gadgets that are attached to certain things. In the future, such devices will make it possible to detect an item in the event of its unplanned loss. Thus, the new Apple product is a search tag that works in conjunction with a special mobile application.

Subtle hints

Coincidentally or not, the company made a mention of AirTag in one of its iPhone instructions. And although the video was soon removed, this can be regarded as one of the signs of the imminent announcement of the gadget. This is not the first time Apple has leaked information about AirTags by accident (for example, when the indirect appearance of tags was revealed from the 13.2 shell code), although this was the first time this happened so openly in a recent case.

Initially, Apple's accessories for finding missing items were planned for release last fall. It was assumed that the official acquaintance with the tags will take place along with the September presentation of the iPhone 11 family or a little later, during the November announcement of the MacBook Pro 16. Another mention of the creation of such a product appeared during WWDC 2019. As part of the event, the company announced proprietary technology that allows monitor the location of this or that item without the Internet. Its principle of operation is based on the fact that the tag will independently establish communication with an Apple device close to itself and then transmit its coordinates through it.


How tags work

The manufacturer has not yet spread about how the new Apple gadgets will technically function. Perhaps the tags will work via Bluetooth to communicate with nearby devices and determine their GPS location, or using Ultra Wideband technology, which is in the new iPhone 11 series.

Apple tags are quite compact in size. With their help, it will be possible to track the location of a wallet, bag, tablet or some other thing. They work in tandem with a mobile application that will indicate the distance between the smartphone and an object with a fixed tag. In addition, the smartphone will sound an alarm if the distance between it and the AirTag exceeds the set limit.

AirTag and connection with USA

From the very beginning, the AirTag brand name belonged to the USA project ISBC, which developed various RFID tags under its own name. The company introduced the first product under the AirTag brand in 2014, and after 2018 it released the AirTag Pay multifunctional device for the banking environment. The development has received a certificate for the right to be called a means of payment associated with the MasterCard and Visa systems.

Apple subsequently acquired the rights to the AirTag brand. This happened in the fall of 2019, although both parties to the transaction chose not to expand on the financial arrangements. And, although the trade name AirTag was subsequently registered not only in USA, but also in the States, for a long time it was considered preliminary, so Apple's gadgets for tracking items could eventually be renamed. At the same time, it was "AirTag" that sounded in that iPhone instructional video, so the tags will probably remain under their original name.

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Author: Jake Pinkman