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Insider # 5.03: new Apple devices; PlayStation 5 specifications Xiaomi news


In the fifth issue of Insider News in March, we first talk about a massive leak that revealed most of the plans of American Apple. We will also discuss the specifications of the PlayStation 5 console. Insiders posted information about it on the network. At the end of the review, we will find out the plans of the Chinese Xiaomi, seeking to increase the production of mobile devices.

Leaked code of the latest version of the iOS operating system revealed Apple news

Thanks to the decryption of the iOS 14 code, insiders have gained access to data that is one of the largest in the history of Apple in terms of volume. There is new information about several Yabloko devices, the capabilities of which will depend on iOS 14.

The first in the list of insiders is the iPhone 9, also known as the iPhone SE 2. Before that, there was information about its external similarity with the iPhone 8. The American manufacturer, in order to save money, did not dare to radically update the design. The main nuance of the model is to equip it with advanced functionality.

So, in addition to Touch ID and Express Transit, the device will receive a modern processor from the company. The same is installed in the iPhone 11 on sale now.

iPhone 9 will be presented at the end of this or early next month. It will start its work on iOS 13.4, with the prospect of updating to iOS 14.

Earlier, Apple's intentions to use the iPad Pro as an augmented reality platform were discussed online. The next step of the company on the way to this was the introduction of the original hardware equipment in the new version of the model. She will receive a ToF sensor and three new cameras.


These will be wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses, as well as a telephoto lens.

It is also expected to update the outdated and controversial Apple TV remote control with Siri. The new remote is expected to work with the updated Apple TV, but there is no confirmation yet.

The external data of the novelty are not known, it is only clear that it will receive a number of new functions.

Earlier our resource has already mentioned the new development of Apple AirTags. It is a self-contained device capable of tracking the location of various items.

It can be attached to a bike frame, to a bag, or anywhere else. The leak says the AirTags will be equipped with a battery. They can also play sound. This will allow the user to quickly find these small items.

The leak did not go without mentioning the Apple Watch Series 6. The new watch will receive a number of functional additions.


It says that they will be able to monitor the user's sleep, monitor the level of oxygen in the blood.

Also, the code of the new operating system contains data about the enterprise wired headphones. Rumors about their imminent release have been circulating for a long time. Apple specialists and managers have repeatedly stated that, despite modern technology, the sound quality of the wireless gadgets currently being released lags behind their wired counterparts.

Surely this factor will be the main reason for the appearance of a new accessory.

No comments from the camp of the American company regarding the disclosure of the above information have been received yet.

The specifications of the new version of the popular console have become known

Recently, an insider with the nickname 4chan posted data on the specifications of the new PlayStation 5 console to the network.


Previously, he predicted an imminent announcement of the device, but the planned event did not take place due to the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the specialist, the console will be equipped with an eight-core Zen2 processor with a frequency of 3.4 GHz, a special graphics chip based on the RDNA 2 architecture with a capacity of 13.3 teraflops and a frequency of 1.7 GHz. The availability of 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and 4 GB of DDR4 will help to speed up the operation.

For data storage, a 1TB solid-state drive with a read speed of 5.5 GB / s is provided.

The device will also have a bandwidth of 565 GB, compatibility with all previous PlayStations.


No comments have yet been received from the manufacturer's mill on this matter. It is too early to talk about the reliability of the above information, but it is likely that the PlayStation 5 will receive just such equipment. Previously, it was predicted that this device will be inferior in its characteristics to the competitor from Microsoft - Xbox Series X, but it is clear that this is not the case.

All the release dates for new products have shifted due to the events that began in Wuhan, China. Therefore, it is not soon that fans of these devices will know their exact characteristics.

Xiaomi is accelerating the pace of production of its products

The coronavirus epidemic has hit the Chinese economy hard. Many enterprises have stopped production, others have slowed down its pace. This fully applies to Xiaomi factories. The announcement of new products from Xiaomi Mi10 and Mi10 Pro fell on the period of the acute phase of the epidemic.


Now the situation with the incidence has improved. Therefore, the company's management plans to increase the pace of production of flagships. Recently, a top manager of the manufacturer announced an imminent way out of the crisis and avoiding a shortage of products.

It is also announced that a new batch of Mi10 smartphones will be on sale on March 13th. There will be models with the latest memory specifications: 12/256 GB, 12/512 GB, 8/128 GB and 8/256 GB.

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