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Death Stranding Guide - 30 Gameplay Secrets You May Not Know About


This time, Hideo Kojima has an extremely controversial game. Not everyone will like to play the heavy courier share for tens of hours, but it's hard not to notice how scrupulously Kojima approached the gameplay elaboration, filling the gameplay with dozens of different mechanics and secrets, not all of which can be seen during the first playthrough. Therefore, we devote this Death Stranding guide to the seemingly imperceptible little things from which the gameplay is built, we will share useful tips and tell you about the gameplay secrets of the game.

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Death Stranding Gameplay Secrets and Tips for Moving and Delivering Cargo

  • The most valuable cargo is best placed at the base of the crate pyramid. In this case, the timefall will be the last to reach it and you can deliver important items safe and sound even in the pouring rain
  • Holding R2 and L2 at the same time is a real cheat in Death Stranding. Not only will you be able to go down the steepest slope without any problems by holding down two buttons, but also pressing the L3 key at the same time allows you to run in this state. Just remember about the accelerated consumption of stamina
  • Upon entering the pond, Sam will automatically replenish his water supply. But you don't need to go swimming, you just need to go for a run near the river bank to collect water in a container
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  • Once you reach the second region, you can take the delivery quest for the cosplayer. Subsequently, you can find Conan O'Brian in Death Stranding, who, after successfully completing the mission, will present you with an adorable otter hat. Having put it on, Sam will be able to skillfully get out of the raging current of his hand and reservoirs will no longer be a significant problem
  • Do not forget to complete additional missions to increase the reputation with various characters, as in return you will be rewarded with unique items such as an exoskeleton or weapon mods
  • To save space, weapons can be placed on the main character's costume, just don't be surprised if the ammunition breaks irretrievably under the influence of the timefall
  • Having loaded Sam to the fullest, expect that with each sharp turn to the right or left, the main character will begin to lurch to the sides. To avoid falling, we offer another secret in Death Stranding - hold down the R2 and L2 keys before turning
  • Not all characters are ready to immediately support your mission to connect America's cities. If, over time, the communication scales with them cease to fill, then just wait a little time, go through several story missions and a little later they will send you a notification about a new order by mail
Death Stranding Guide - 30 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know
  • Don't forget to collect Cryptobiots - they are great at replenishing health and take up much less inventory space than blood bags
  • All cargo, even if placed on vehicles, is lost when you move more than 1 kilometer away from it. Therefore, when leaving your car, do not forget to pick up the most valuable boxes from it
  • This may be obvious to many players, but you can still skip all the repetitive cutscenes with Norman Reedus

Death Stranding Gameplay Secrets and Tips on Fighting MULEs

  • If a fight against a MULE cannot be avoided, we recommend that you find a disposable container and hit your opponent with it to immediately send him to a long knockout
  • The best mule cure is the choke rope. Just hold the L2 key, and when the time slows down while hitting the cultist, press the R2 key to instantly eliminate the enemy
  • Stunned MULEs drop containers. You are unlikely to find anything valuable in them, so do not be afraid to pick it up and immediately throw it effectively in the face of another MULE.
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  • Above stunned opponents, you can see an icon in the form of two circles - this means that they will soon be able to regain consciousness. To prevent this from the bottom of your heart, kick the MULES with your feet until stars light up above them. Now only sect comrades can wake them up
  • A good way to deal with mules in Death Stranding is to crush with vehicles. It's fun, efficient and convenient, and you can't kill them this way

Death Stranding Gameplay Secrets and Tips for Fighting BT

  • Hematogenous weapons are the best anti-BT. Just before using it, do not forget to stock up on a solid amount of cryptobiots and blood bags from in your chest bag, otherwise Sam will start to spend health
  • From a half-squat position, you don't need to worry about the balance of objects on Sam's back, so try to stay in it as long as possible at the first sign of BT
  • Pay attention to the movement of the scanner - if it starts spinning and glows orange, then hold your breath and do not move. When the scanner calms down, it's time to exhale and keep moving
  • With the proper supply of hematogenous grenades, fighting large BTs is not a threat and after their death you can get a large supply of chiral crystals. So sometimes it's worth letting BT grab you and send you straight to meet the boss
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  • And at the same time, if you do not want to fight with large BTs, even if you are ambushed, just keep to high surfaces and do not touch the tar liquid. BT will retreat in a few tens of seconds
  • In our Death Stranding guide, we could not get around the most original way of dealing with BT - to get rid of the tar liquid and drive away chiral creatures is only possible by urinating on them. Yes, all is fair in war

Death Stranding Gameplay Secrets and Tips on Multiplayer and Buildings

  • Pay attention to the signs of other players, they can give useful bonuses. For example, the BB sign reduces the stress level of an infant, while other signs can boost vehicle speed
Death Stranding Guide - 30 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know
  • Try to follow the digital footprints of other players. If enough users follow the same route, then over time, a road will form that will greatly simplify the re-carrying of goods
  • Do not forget to drive cars and motorcycles on highways, as they not only allow you to quickly deal with delivery, but also permanently recharge the vehicle battery
  • At some point, you will be able to take premium shipping. To do this, at the time of accepting the order, press the right cross button and activate the premium delivery option. Of course, they require a lot of effort, but they give a lot more likes and allow you to quickly increase your reputation with the characters
  • If you unsuccessfully put the ladder, it is better to disassemble it, because if other players cannot use your items and don’t like them, then less and less of your buildings will end up in the worlds of other users and you will receive less and less bonuses from the multiplayer mode
  • All buildings of other gamers in Death Stranding are saved on the hard drive of the console, so even if you lose your Internet connection, you can still use the link system
Death Stranding Guide - 30 Gameplay Secrets You Could Know don't know
  • If you update other people's buildings, then later on your account will be credited with new likes when the items will be used by other players
  • Do you want your buildings, signs and cargo to be seen by as many players as possible? Then uncover your lycomet and generously sprinkle with likes all the objects that you meet in the regions connected to the chiral network. The more you like it, the more often your items will become visible in the world of other Sams

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