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Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips


Kojima is a genius, can a courier simulator be a really interesting game and has the famous game designer succeeded in creating a new genre? Playstation 4 owners will be able to answer these and many other questions today, on the day Death Stranding is released. We have already played Hideo Kojima's creation and we hasten to share with you a Death Stranding guide, where we will tell you about a few tips before starting the game. which will help you not to get lost at the start and quickly deal with the countless mechanics of the unique project Kojima Productions.

The quieter you go - the further you will be

Death Stranding absolutely does not tolerate rush. Melancholic landscapes, while spurring on meditative gameplay, there is always the possibility that the delivery of goods will become a tiresome routine for you. In this case, we recommend setting the gamepad aside, turning off the game, taking a break, but in no case trying to quickly get rid of the next delivery order. Otherwise, you risk inadvertently being ambushed by chiral creatures BT ("Creatures" in the USA translation of Death Stranding) and falling off the slope without keeping your balance, having lost most of your valuable cargo almost at the beginning of the journey.

Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips

Especially the rule “you walk quieter - you will go further” is applicable to the main tasks, when the game adds different conditions to carrying the load: for example, do not wet it or turn it over. By the way, only if the cargo is damaged in important plot points, you risk ending the game prematurely and returning to the checkpoint. Death will also cause problems, but the consequences will not be as significant.

Watch your own weight

As in real life, in Death Stranding the basic rule of the courier applies - the larger the parcel you bring, the more bonuses you will receive in the end. Of course, in order not to make several trips and not engage in backtracking, the hunt is to load Sam to the fullest. But, again, we do not recommend doing this. It is best to keep Sam's weight at the blue mark. In this case, you will deliver the goods with minimal problems. The yellow mark already promises difficulties, and the red one guarantees you a real nightmare in the life of a courier.

Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips

We'll also mention in our Death Stranding guide such an important feature as automatic item balancing. It is better not to bother with the distribution of the load, but to click on the "triangle" in the menu before the start of the mission in order to optimally distribute the boxes on the back and balance the center of gravity of the protagonist. Additionally, several boxes can be securely fixed on Sam's suit, which will prevent them from flying off when opponents fall or attack.

Plan your route

Before starting each mission, it is recommended to apply a little strategic thinking. On the start screen, you can examine the game map in all details and choose the most optimal route. Pay attention to the buildings of other players on your way, the terrain, the weather and the presence of rivers. Based on this, select not only the amount of luggage, but also active items such as grenades, ladders, ropes, blood bags and much more. A few grenades and weapons, of course, will allow you to get out of the battle in Death Stranding as a winner, but it will add weight and take away the slots for the boxes in the inventory. Unless you can put a few grenades and blood bags in your chest bag, which we suggest doing first.

Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips

Before starting each delivery, we recommend that you take at least one rope and a ladder in advance, which will help to cope with problematic terrain. Don't forget about transport, and keep in mind that you can attach additional cargo to the motorcycle.

Play in multiplayer if you don't want extra complications

As Hideo Kojima has repeatedly emphasized, Death Stranding is primarily about building connections and bringing players together, so the game pays great attention to multiplayer. In multiplayer mode, the game guarantees even more unique game situations. Tired of carrying items on foot? Then just in time there will be vehicles or shelters left by gamers that help restore the integrity of the luggage. Do not forget about stairs, ropes, bridges and even whole highways of other players, which greatly facilitate the process of transporting goods to Det Stranding.

Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips

If you want to enjoy the game on your own, and the idea of building connections with gamers did not find a response in your soul, then consider that your Death Stranding walkthrough switches to hardcore mode by default. You will realize this best in the second chapter, when the game will persistently push you to travel to the already known locations.

Avoid battles if possible

Although Death Stranding carries a pacifist message, and meditative wanderings through the landscapes of post-apocalyptic America will occupy most of the gameplay, battles were also involved. Terrorists, cultists MULES and BT will do their best to prevent Sam from completing the mission and you can give them a fight. But only if you are confident in your abilities. Sometimes the easiest way to escape is to keep the cargo safe and sound. Bosses and MULES will chase you only in a given territory, after which they will let you go home with a downcast face. For bosses, it is best to stay on high surfaces and avoid contact with black liquid. MULE can be completely eliminated in stealth by taking valuable property from their camp.

Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips

But if the fight with the cultists did take place, do not forget to follow the technique: "wait for the moment-dodge-stun" and, just in case, instantly drop all objects from Sam's back by holding down the "triangle" key on the PS4 gamepad in Death Stranding. Pressing the same key again will allow you to collect all the items back in the shortest possible time.


Hideo Kojima's games have always offered variable gameplay and several options for solving one problem. The new game of the genius game designer adheres to the same tradition, so we will supplement the Death Stranding guide with advice that is in many ways obvious for fans of Kojima's projects - do not be afraid to experiment. Look for your own, not obvious ways of passing and using gadgets. For example, you can easily drive a motorcycle up a hiking ladder, but this trick will not work with a truck. Or let's take the mountains. Who said that the clever will not go up the hill, the clever will bypass the mountain? With due diligence and moving in zigzags, you can even go by transport to a lot of seemingly inaccessible mountain ranges, saving a considerable amount of time.

Death Stranding Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips

And with this we will end our first Death Stranding walkthrough. We will not recommend the game to everyone and everyone, Hideo, together with Sony, went all-in and released a non-standard product that can be as exciting as it is boring. Let us also remind you that Death Stranding is expected to be released on PC next summer and if you do not have a console, then we suggest passing the time for the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 in the version for personal computers.

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