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Why the Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC budget accessory is good and what its drawbacks are


The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC computer mouse is a prime example of how an inexpensive but branded thing can outperform its more expensive but less famous counterparts. The model received an excellent sensor, visual upgrade and some other useful "chips". We'll tell you more about everything.

There is only what is needed

Initially, the manufacturer intended to release not just a budget version of the device, but a product with its own concept. It meant the availability of productive gaming peripherals. The developers managed to successfully bring their plans to life.

True, they had to abandon a number of functions that are equipped with older models. At the same time, the key characteristics of the gadget remained the same. The result is a high-quality device, devoid of everything unnecessary, for example, auxiliary triggers and cable braiding.

Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC is very similar to the previous modification. They can be confused. The reason for this lies in the presence of the same database, and equal weighting data.

This can be accepted and understood. Why drastically change what's already good?


In the hand, this mouse is comfortable, on the mat on four gliders and the ring around the sensor glides easily. More is not required from a simple game product.

Particular attention should be paid to the buttons. Their mechanism is tailored for use in shooters. This can be clearly seen. Click here has a short stroke, like a mechanical keyboard. At the same time, the presses come out clear, but the probability of false positives is minimized due to the presence of a spring-loaded switch mechanism.

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC sensor has the same specifications as before: sensitivity ranges from 200 to 8000 dpi, 1000 Hz polling rate, 16 bits per axis.

To put it simply, the accessory will be equally good both for use in an e-sports action movie and in dynamic car racing. Moreover, in the latter case, high performance is required.

The first testers note that the mouse behaves well when playing on a monitor with a frequency of 144 Hz. It is in no way inferior to the model of last year. This suggests that the developers did not begin to reduce the cost of the design.

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC is fine-tuned using the Logitech G HUB utility. It allows you to create up to five sensor sensitivity presets. To switch between them, use the button on the body, which is specially highlighted for this.


The mouse also has its own memory. In order not to constantly configure it, it is enough to enter the data there once.

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC has six buttons in total. The user can give them their own values or hang macros on them.

Differences and features

The new model still has several differences from the previous version. This immediately becomes clear after connecting it to a PC. Now, not only the logo, but also the body of the device has RGB backlighting. Plus it's customizable. Everyone can give an accessory a unique "war paint". For this, there are three zones of original shades in reserve. A total of 16 million colors can be used and go well with black or white cases.

Another advantage of the model is the presence of a dynamic glow function. This is not just a color musical flicker to the beat, but a kind of Ambilight analogue. The technology allows for dynamic screen sampling by automatically synchronizing the color of the LEDs according to the image on the monitor.

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC also has customer-focused support and a friendly warranty. This means that when, for example, a wheel or button is worn out during the warranty period, the company will send out new parts or a similar mouse in its entirety. Nobody else offers this yet.

What's the bottom line?

The Logitech G102 is a quality budget option for the gamer or office worker. However, it did not always correspond to the current trends, when the complete set of the computer reflects the essence of the aspirations of its owner.

The version with the LIGHTSYNC prefix solved this issue without losing the necessary functionality. It has an advanced and accurate sensor, ergonomic design, RGB lighting with tons of different color options. Most importantly, the cost of the new item remains the same as that of the previous model. It has practically no downsides, at first glance they definitely do not stand out.

The main thing that the engineers of the manufacturing company wanted to show determines the essence of their aspirations. They did not create a corrected device, but something new, more evolutionary. It has almost the same design, but with its own "chips".


Gamers now have ample scope for customization. If the user is bored with playing with LEDs, then he can simply disable this function. It is up to him to decide for a long time or permanently. Perhaps in the evening, during the next gaming session or watching an interesting and exciting movie, the backlight will be needed again.

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Author: Jake Pinkman