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Logitech G Pro 2020 Universal Mechanical Keyboard Review


Swiss-based computer peripheral manufacturer Logitech is known for its products. This company has been supplying computer mice, keyboards, headsets and other equipment to the markets of many countries for many years. The key to the company's success is the constant search for innovations and their rapid implementation. The firm has recently released several new products. Let's talk about one of them in more detail.

Model characteristics

The Logitech G Pro 2020 Mechanical Keyboard is designed for eSports use. Game lovers will appreciate it. Other users should like it too. Especially if they are fans of compact and efficient devices.


Someone will not be satisfied with the absence of a separate digital block. But here the keys are perfectly pressed, and no other similar accessory has such a backlight.

The manufacturer has equipped the gadget with GX Blue Clicky switches, a 1.8 m cable. Its switches have a durability corresponding to 70 million clicks. They are driven by a force equivalent to 61.18 grams. The total key travel distance is 4 mm.

A USB 2.0 connector is used to connect the Logitech G Pro 2020 with a PC or laptop. The keyboard is equipped with LED indicators, RGB backlighting and G Hub software.

Weighing 980 grams, the product has a modest geometric size: 153 ? 360 ? 34.3 mm.

External data and design features

Logitech G Pro 2020 is of the "tenless" type. This is the name of the periphery, which does not contain a separate digital block. For some, this is a disadvantage, but for others, it is a way to make the device more compact.

Game lovers like these gadgets. They can easily fit into a small bag or backpack. This does not require a lot of space and time, which is always not enough before leaving for the next competition.

Another plus of the model is the fact that it takes up little space on the desktop. This is important for those who are limited in its size.

Upon careful study of the keyboard, it immediately becomes clear that it is still intended for those who often move, but do not want to carry a lot of things with them. This is evidenced by the presence of a detachable cable. It is attached to the gadget itself via a micro-USB port. This allows the wire to be quickly disconnected and folded separately to prevent twisting and breakage.


The keyboard case is made of quality plastic, which is reinforced with a steel plate hidden inside. It has a high-quality font and thoughtful RGB lighting.

The disadvantages of the model include the lack of space for the wrists. There is almost no free space at the bottom after the keys. Trying to neutralize this ergonomic miscalculation, the developers equipped the accessory with the ability to change the angles of inclination. There are three of them: from 0.40 to 80.


This keyboard is equipped with GX Blue Clicky key switches. This design was developed by Logitech engineers. It allows the user to always receive the trigger data with a well-felt response and a distinct click.


These switches are the evolution of the Cherry MX Blue model. However, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two types of keys. When triggered, a distinct clinking sound is heard, their moves and efforts are approximately the same. The difference is tenths of a millimeter.

Lights & Software

Logitech G Pro 2020 has LED backlighting. The diodes are installed in such a way that their glow extends only to the font. It does not spread over the entire key, the light comes only through the very designation of the letter or number. This feature speaks of the style and quality of the brand.

To turn off the backlight, just click on the button located in the upper right corner. You can customize the colors using the G Hub software. It allows you to choose different combinations for any key, set a single backlight for the entire keyboard, experiment with animated color transitions, or even create your own animation.

The software also makes it possible to program the keys. The F-buttons are used for this. They help you launch applications, mute your microphone, start screen recording, or any other action.

The keyboard is capable of many customizations for which there are no separate keys. There is also a game mode that disables individual buttons. This is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of accidental pressing. The need to disable is determined by the user himself, the mode is activated by pressing a key in the corner of the device.

Practical keyboard usage

Logitech G Pro 2020 can be used for both gaming and general work. The distinct clicking sound makes typing on this keyboard more enjoyable.

Not everyone likes the noise that mechanical peripherals make, so the quiet MX Silent Red or Logitech Romer-G counterparts work well for these users.

Also, the manufacturer has provided the ability to replace switches. The softer GX Brown or GX Red can be purchased and installed separately.


This type of keyboard will appeal to fans of Cherry MX switches. The Logitech G Pro 2020 uses MX Blue which are similar. They give out the same feeling when pressed, the same clinking sound. Design, style, special lighting make the gadget unique. It works well for print or gameplay. The absence of a digital block in the latter case will only be a plus.

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