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Razer Cynosa Lite Membrane Keyboard Review


Razer was founded in 1998. This American manufacturer is rightfully considered one of the founders of the professional gaming periphery market. For the first time in the camp of this company there was such a concept as "gaming hardware", which then spread throughout the world. Now thanks to him you can find out the real capabilities of this or that PC. First, the Razer Boomslang 2000 dpi computer mouse was introduced to the market. She had no competitors, so this product made a splash among users.

After that, the company mastered the development of other accessories. Not the last place was taken by mouse pads. Razer has completely changed the mind about them, proving that they can be original in design and small in size. Coverage quality has also been taken to a new level.

Then came the keyboards. The first such backlit devices were developed by Razer engineers. At first, they were only appreciated by gamers, and then by most of those who work late with content.

Now the company's assortment includes more than forty items of goods. Keypads and headsets are at the forefront. The quality of keyboards fully complies with all modern standards.

Let's tell you more about one of them.

Appearance and characteristics

The Razer Cynosa Lite computer keyboard has a slightly aggressive but elegant style. This approach is typical for the American manufacturer.


The accessory has a fully closed plastic case. It is not mechanical, so the device is lightweight (904 grams). At the same time, the strength characteristics of the Cynosa Lite did not suffer. Moreover, it is precisely such products of this developer that are distinguished by the presence of protection against damage. Sometimes these standards are compared to the military.

The first testers have already appreciated the ergonomics of the keyboard and the peculiarities of working with it. Its keys have a long stroke and an aggressive font. Some people may not like this, but most users will appreciate the quality and reliability of the model.


It is worth highlighting the main characteristics of the Razer Cynosa Lite. It has soft key travel and a game mode option. The accessory supports the driver installer and is equipped with programmable keys with macro recording. The sampling rate here is 1 kHz. Features Razer Chroma single-zone lighting with 16.8 million colors.

Keyboard dimensions: 457 ? 174 ? 33 mm. It is equipped with a standard cable. The market value is about 4000 rubles. Obviously, this product is one of the best on the market in terms of price / quality ratio.

Disadvantages of the Razer Cynosa Lite

Some readers will be surprised at the presence of this section. Previously, on our pages, the shortcomings of the devices in the reviews were mentioned in passing. Now separate paragraphs will be selected for this. The reader and user should know everything about the product, not just its advantages.

Speaking specifically about the cons, there are not many of them. Some users have noted that the space bar protrudes a little and is often the reason for its accidental activation.

The second disadvantage of the model is the small size of the enter key. It will be difficult to work with it without habit. However, within a few days, addiction sets in and both of the above disadvantages are leveled.


The Cynosa Lite software has a number of specific features. Synapse 3 (type of software) has got ample opportunities here. For the most part, this is due to RGB lighting, macro settings, and some other features.

All background lighting of the accessory works on the updated Chroma engine. Each button can be customized by giving it the desired (at the user's discretion) glow color.

The keyboard is instantly synchronized with any device, no problems arise during the settings.

Some features

The Cynosa Lite is a membrane keyboard, not a mechanical one. Therefore, those who first started working with it may have minor difficulties. The input speed will be lower at first, but gradually everything will level out.

If the user has not worked with the content before, then almost certainly he will not have any problems with Cynosa Lite.


The periphery has a fairly long key travel, there is a tangible tactile feedback.

Fans of high-speed typing will appreciate the possibility of up to 10 simultaneous keystrokes. Gamers will love the anti-ghosting feature that allows you to shoot quickly during virtual combat.


Those wishing to get an inexpensive and high-quality keyboard can now pay attention to the Razer Cynosa Lite. It has a sturdy and reliable case, functional software, and excellent Chroma lighting. It is important that the manufacturer of this accessory is an American company.

Some problems at the initial stage may arise for those who are used to feeling the work of moving mechanical parts. But that's okay. Any user will get used to the presence of membranes under the keyboard buttons quickly enough, especially if they work with a large number of Word or Google documents every day.

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