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Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse For Gamers


The developers of this wireless device do not consider their product to be very different from its counterparts. Its appearance was made possible by a combination of several well thought out solutions. The main ones are the presence of the G502 chassis, the HERO 16K wireless sensor and the new G Hub software.

Features and Design

The mouse can operate at a resolution of 100-16,000 dpi, is equipped with a HERO 16K sensor and a 32-bit ARM microprocessor. Weighing 114 grams, it measures 132 x 75 x 40 mm. There are 11 buttons for control. Autonomy ranges from 45 to 60 hours.


The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse has a somewhat aggressive exterior shape. One gets the impression that a sharp and precise object is in the user's hand. It is as if the entire piece encourages fighting and confrontation.

Despite its exotic shape, the device fits well and tightly in the hand. All key buttons, rib and thumb rest are positioned to match the anatomy of the human palm. Anyone who has just received this product for use will notice the large number of control buttons on the left. However, it is almost impossible to accidentally click any of them.Image

The glide of the accessory is also great. It functions perfectly in step-by-step or smooth mode - it all depends on the setting mode. The device allows for medium jumps with satisfactory feedback.

HERO Sensor Operation

The advent of these sensors has completely changed the world of wireless mice. Before that, they worked for a long time only in office mode, with a delay of about 10 milliseconds. It was enough for a leisurely pace of Internet browsing, but not for the gameplay.

The use of sensors with a refresh rate of 1000 Hz, with a delay of less than 1ms, resulted in a large amount of power.

Logitech engineers have made a technological breakthrough with HERO sensors. They allow you to provide the best gaming performance with optimal energy consumption. Players were able to participate in the gameplay for 40 to 250 hours. This number is influenced by the type and model of the device to which the mouse is connected.


The company has developed a number of its own sensors based on PixArt. The top ones are PMW 3389 and HERO 16K, which have almost the same parameters. They are equipped with a maximum refresh rate equal to 1000 Hz, sensitivity up to 16000 dpi. The maximum latency is limited to one millisecond, and the highest speed of recorded motion is 400 inches per second.

Some advanced users have checked mouse sensors. It turned out that small glitches appear with the set sensitivity of 7000 DPI. This is especially noticeable if you perform some maneuvers from a turn to 3600. Then the cursor does not ideally return to the same place from which the maneuver was started.

Testing with the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, extreme maneuvers have a margin of error of 2 to 4%.


The G HUB software used allows you to customize each of the buttons to perform a specific action. It is also permissible to control the LEDs or turn them off completely.

Any changes the device commits to the memory of the 32-bit ARM processor. This allows you not to reconfigure after turning off the mouse or using up the entire power supply, or when changing equipment.


There is another interesting feature - the profile library. It allows you to download any configuration you like for most games via the Internet. This will surely appeal to those who prefer not to waste time fiddling with manual mouse settings.


In retail, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed is sold for 11,000 rubles . She is more expensive than her "friend" with a cable for 7,000 rubles . Almost all fans of such products agree that this is a lot.

This is a thoughtful, high quality and advanced device. However, almost certainly, few are willing to pay that kind of money for a mouse, albeit a good one. You can stop at its wired counterpart and this will be the best solution.


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